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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some people they tell me I got the blood of the land in my voice...

There's nothing like getting an anticipated brand new album the day of it's release. I still get as excited about it as I did when I was thirteen years old. There's no longer 30 seconds then the 30 seconds it takes to get the wrapping off a cd, but the payoff is well worth it. To slap the cd into the player & search through the liner notes for clues that might decode the magic that the cd might hold. Who does the artist thank? Are lyrics included? What kind of pictures are on the inside?

I got home to an empty house with Bob Dylan's Beyond Here Lies Nothing sitting on the counter. Maybe this is why Christie spent the afternoon with her mother. Anyways, I didn't feel guilty about popping this into the cd player & turning it up nice & loud. There's good news & bad news regarding this album. The bad news is that to my ears I don't hear any great songs. Modern Times had Ain't Talkin', Love & Theft had Mississippi. The good news is that I look forward to listening to the album as a whole, not just certain tracks. There's both a cohesiveness & a diversity to these songs that hold it together.

The album challenges your perceptions, the opening track Beyond Here Lies Nothing sounds quite bleak but actually celebrates love in the moment, even if that love will someday betray you or leave you all alone. The closing track, It's All Good, takes that annoying cliche & proves it to be false every time, no matter how many times you tell yourself that it's all good. Life is Hard is Bob Dylan trying to sing as if he has to prove that he can hit the high notes & in his straining comes up with quite an effective performance. My Wife's Home Town copies the melody of the blues standard I Just Wanna Make Love to You & is downright annoying. If You Ever Go to Houston swings easily with charming lyrics wrapped in myth & tall tales. I haven't made my mind up about Forgetful Heart yet, I like the singing & the tempo. Jolene has a terrible guitar riff that is just as bad as the lyrics from the refrain "i'll be your king & you can be my queen".

This Dream of You is the first time I realized that this album doesn't sound anything like it's predecessors. Maybe it's Mike Campbell's guitar or David Hidalgo's (Los Lobos) accordion. I either love or hate Shake Shake Mama, I haven't quite figured it out yet. When I found out that there was a song called I Feel a Change Comin' On I cringed, fearing a "we have a new president & it's a new day" kind of song, but it's actually quite good. It's got a '70s pop song kind of feel to it. This is probably the most palatable to the average listener.

There we have it, friends. This album won't go up there with the great Dylan albums of all time, but it sure makes for a fun listen & a definate difference from the last two albums. If I had to rate it, I'd give it a 7. Give it a spin & see what you think.

I Feel a Change Comin' On

Beyond Here Lies Nothing

Life is Hard (the picture depicts Christie when she's listening to this album)

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

If You Ever Go to Houston-Bob Dylan, Beyond Here Lies Nothing

So What-Miles Davis, Kind of Blue

Sec Walkin-My Morning Jacket, Evil Urges

Life is Hard-Bob Dylan, Beyond Here Lies Nothing

Sway-Alejandro Escovedo

Happy Tuesday, friends...


Monday, April 20, 2009

heading for another joint...

Today was a day for new possibilities. Let me start with the best news of the day: Christie has a job interview this Wednesday or the next that she's incredibly excited about. She shrieked, yes shrieked, with glee when she called me to tell me about it. It sounds right up her ally, but I'll let her tell you all about it.

Second, Jeff from work put in an offer on a house today. We've been discussing this for a long time now, & after one offer fell through he feels really good about this. The best part (for me, anyway) is that it is literally right across the street from the store which means he can never ever quit.

Finally, serendipity, I may have myself a new employee. A few weeks ago I found out that a customer of mine is a Bob Dylan fan so last night I made a compilation of my favorite live Dylan performances. Originally, I planned on making a couple of cd's, it turned into seven. Yes, I understand, this is the heights of dorkitude. This almost puts me in dungeons & dragons territory. Said customer came in this morning & I handed him the goods. We got to talking & I told him that we were hiring & he told me that he could find several candidates. One being his son. His son came in later today & filled out an application. His son just might be the best qualified applicant for the worst job, he has painting experience, he has a college degree (journalism, broadcasting) with a 3.9 grade point average, & the best part, he used to host a late night jazz program at CMU. Sure enough, he recognized Bitches Brew playing in the background. He's applying for an $8 an hour part time job. I might feel guilty for hiring him.

And now, for not particular reason, a poem:

Wine Comes in at the Mouth by William Butler Yeats

Wine comes in at the mouth
And love comes in at the eye;
That's all we shall know for truth
Before we grow old and die.
I lift the glass to my mouth,
I look at you, and I sigh.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Where Were You?-Vic Chesnutt, West of Rome

Boom Boom Mancini-Warren Zevon

Wake Up-The Arcade Fire, Funeral

I Can't Stand the Rain-Ann Peebles

Newry Highwayman-Bob Dylan, Belfast 1998

Newry Highwayman
In Newry town, I was bread and born,
In Stephen's Green now I die in scorn.
I served my time to the saddling trade,
But I turned out to be a roving blade.

At seventeen I took a wife,
I loved her dearly as I loved my life;
And for to keep in fine array,
I went a-robbing on the King's highway.

I never robbed any poor man yet,
Nor any tradesman did I beset;
I robbed both lords and the ladies bright,
And brought their jewels to my heart's delight.

I robbed Lord Golding I do declare,
And Lady Mansel, in Grosvenor Square;
I shut the shutters and bad them good night.
And home I went then to my heart's delight.

To Covent Garden I made my way,
With my dear wife for to see the play;
Lord Fielding's gang they did me pursue,
And I was taken by the cursed crew.

My father cried, "O, my daring son."
My wife she wept and sighed. "I am undone."
My mother tore her white locks and cried;
Saying, "In the cradle he should have died.

And when I'm dead and in my grave
A flashy funeral pray let me have;
With six bold highwaymen to carry me.
Give them good broadswords and sweet liberty.

Six pretty maidens to bear my Pall,
Give them white garlands and ribbons all.
And when I'm dead they will speak the truth,
He was a wild and a wicked youth.

Happy Monday, friends...


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I treat the rooms I live in with care, the windows are small & the walls almost bare...

This blog is only written for my own selfish reasons (well, aren't they all?). I'm looking for Heidi & anyone else who cares to weigh in on the subject to suggest how we should arrange the furniture after we put the floor in this weekend. I'd like to put the tv stand either to the left or to the right of the sliding doors 'cause that's where the cable outlet is, but I could probably hide the cord somehow if necessary. We have too black endtables (not shown) & one slate endtable (like the coffee table in the picture) & a slate coffee table. We also have a 6' high black book shelf (okay, cd's, who am I kidding?) & a 4' high black book shelf, one full length couch, one loveseat & one chair. We have a fairly large mirror with black frame & quite a few black & white pictures with black frames. Eventually we are planning on getting an area rug (any thoughts on color/style?). The window shade/curtain is tan, almost the same color as the couches. Whatever guidance you'd like to give would surely be appreciated.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue-Bob Dylan, Kalamazoo 2008

Workingman's Blues #2-Bob Dylan, Kalamazoo 2008

Tonight Will Be Fine-Leonard Cohen, Songs from a Room

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum-Bob Dylan, Kalamazoo 2008

Our Town-Iris Dement

Happy shuffling, friends...


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