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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Looking for the heart of a Saturday night

I remember going to bed at night & hearing the sound of Mash & Nightcourt on the television set.  I don't know why I particularly remember those songs, because I'm quite certain my parents didn't watch those television shows every night.  It was always quite comforting to hear that in the background as I went to bed.  The times I remember when my parents would allow me to watch even a few minutes of Nightcourt, I enjoyed it, even if the jokes were well over my head. 

As a dad, I'm quite conscious of what Lillian might remember as she grows up.  I'm quite certain it will be something completely different from what I may want her to remember.  Christie says she doesn't remember anything before the age of 7, & that makes me sad to think about.  If you asked my mother, I'm sure she doesn't watching Nightcourt all that often.  There are all kinds of songs that sound to me like Saturday night (listed below) but I'm quite certain they won't mean a thing to Lillian like they do to me, & that's probably for the best. 

Saturday night is fast becoming my favorite night of the week.  It usually works out that we'll go out to dinner on Friday night & stay home on Saturdays, that's just the way I like it.  We had an excellent meal on the deck.  Lillian & I went for a walk after dinner to the bridge overlooking both the Pottawatomie Bayou.  From the bridge we could see a couple of parties happening at houses on the bayou.  One of the parties had one of those inflatable bouncing things that held lots of kids.  Lillian saw this & asked if she could play in it & I had to explain to her that it was for a party that we weren't invited to, & this wasn't quite the blow to her 2 1/2 year old heart that I feared it might be.  I thought to myself that if I were at that party with all that good food, toys & waterfront property & saw somebody like me walking down the street, I'd be jealous of that guy & wishing I weren't at the party.  That's probably kind of sad, too.  We walked home, had popsicles on the porch, read a few books & it was off to bed for her, & the night was a little slice of heaven for me.  I hope in someway, if not this night, but nights like this one, are the ones that form in her mind that she remembers fondly. 

 Tom Waits-The Heart of a Saturday Night


John Prine-A Good Time


Dawn Mccarthy & Bonnie "Prince" Billy-Poems, Prayers & Promises (John Denver Cover)


John Prine-Donald & Lydia


John Prine-Blue Umbrella


Happy Saturday, friends. 


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