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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Salute Her When Her Birthday Comes

Christie turns 23 on Saturday, & since I'm lucky enough to see her tomorrow & Saturday this is the last chance I'll get to embarrass her on the internet.

Whenever I talk about something that happened in the past with Christie, I always tend to refer to how old I was the year it happened & then I figure out the math of how old she was. For example, the year I got my driver's license was 1995. I was 16, Christie was 11. 1984 was the year the last year the Detroit Tigers won the World Series. I was five, Christie was...well Christie was alot younger than five.

None of that matters, of course, until you fast forward to 2006. I was 26 at the time, she was 22 & it was the last time we had a dart tournament. I don't remember who won the dart tournament, but I do remember that it was the first time I met Christie. She claims that I didn't talk to her too much that evening, which doesn't surprise me, I'm kind of shy about these things.

Almost a year later she still puts up with me even though I rarely let her listen to her country music in the car, & it's been one of the happiest years of my life.

For those of you unfortunate souls who don't know her, let me tell you a few things about her.

-She hates movies with sad endings.

-She loves ketchup, & will put it on just about anything.

-She loves country music, & once, when I came over to her house, she had the song "Stupid Boy" by Keith Urban on repeat for about an hour & still wasn't tired of it.

-She loves dogs, if she sees one walking by she says with a high pitched voice "0oooh!" & gets excited at the prospect of petting it.

-She loves the beach, the public one.

-She's been to three different continents, but has not yet fulfilled her dream to visit Fiji.

-She loves to clean & organize, & I, being the faithful boyfriend that I am, give her the opportunity to do so on every occasion (okay, maybe it doesn't work quite that way).

-She likes helping people, she once drove all the way back to Grand Rapids to give some lady she didn't know $40 for a place to stay & a bag of chips.

Everything else you'll have to find out for yourself. Happy Birthday, Christie, I love you! "You're so embarrassing!" Okay, I'm sorry.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Stupid Boy-Keith Urban

push it! push it!

Nobody's Fault But My Own-Beck, Mutations

We Live it Again-Beck, Mutations

With These Hands-Alejandro Escovedo, With These Hands

Simple Twist of Fate-Bob Dylan, Frankfurt Germany, 2003

Raise a glass of Diet Coke for Christie's birthday, friends!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sing While You Slave

I've often said that I can enjoy doing just about anything as long as I have some good music to listen to. This theory is often either proved right or wrong when I have to stay late at work to get stuff done for the next day. There's just something fun about turning the stereo up extremely loud while doing work you do on a regular basis without having to worry about customers coming in. This was the case tonight. Grandpa used to tell me about this guy he used to work with (working on the railroad?) who always used to sing the song "You Are My Sunshine" to himself & the man always seemed happy. Pretty good advice, if you ask me.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Boom, Like That (Kroc-Style)-Mark Knopfler, Shangri-La

Yes, Indeed!-Frank Sinatra, Come Swing With Me!

I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling-The Handsome Family, Down from the Mountain, 5 Years of Bloodshot Records

Going Home-The Roughnecks, Down from the Mountain, 5 Years of Bloodshot Records

The Least I Could Do-Supersuckers w/Amy Nelson, Down From the Mountain, 5 Years of Bloodshot Records

Happy Tuesday, friends...


Monday, March 26, 2007

Talkin' Front Porch Gibberish Blues

The recent warm weather reminds me of how much I love sitting out in front of the house. Granted, the front of my house only has honorary front porch status, but it has a couple of seats & a place to put your drink, so it's a front porch to me. One of my goals in life is to have one of those traditional concrete (or wood, depending on the style of the house) porches in a city neighborhood with a brick ledge, & a porch swing hanging from the ceiling. Either that or one of those wrap-around front porches in the country looking out over a corn field, also with a porch swing. But for now, I'll have to settle for my non-elevated concrete slab overlooking the various neighbors on the other side of the street with there various & assorted monstrous trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers & boats in states of disrepair. I'm not complaining, though.

Some great front porch activities include waving at walkers passing by, reading, listening to tunes, having a chat with friends, drinking a cold beer, smoking a cigar, strumming on a guitar or gently blowing on a harmonica or any combinations of these.

Are you a front porch person or a back porch (or deck) person? Granted, there's probably no psychological basis of what types of people belong in which category, & I won't judge you for your decision, but which are you? I'm sure it depends more on your environs, & which has a better view, more space, etc., but I'm sure you can be objective. Me, I'm a front porch person. Guess where I'm heading?

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

I'm the Man Who Loves You-Wilco, Kicking Television

Is Wilco not the greatest rock & roll band playing today? The other day, I would've said The White Stripes, but they're on hiatus. Who knows who it'll be tomorrow?

Handshake Drugs-Wilco, Kicking Television

The Flower Lady-Phil Ochs, The Stable, East Lansing 1973

Sugar Magnolia-The Grateful Dead, American Beauty

Passenger Side-Wilco, AM

Happy Monday, friends...


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Roll Around Heaven All Day

It's Sunday morning here in Grand Haven, quite possibly the best day to live in my little city. The churches are open, the breakfast joints are open & the book store. Other than that, there's not much. The best thing is that the paint store is definitely not open. Sunday is often my only day off, it's not the case this week, but I'm going to enjoy it like it is anyway. I think I'll go to church & out to breakfast. Other than that, I don't plan on doing much. What I love about Sunday is that it's socially acceptable not to do anything that requires too much effort.

It's got me thinking about that great ol' song called "That Lucky Ol' Sun". The song was originally a hit for Frankie Laine in 1949, & it has since been covered by all sorts of people like Ray Charles, the Sisters of Mercy, Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, but my favorite comes from the late great Jerry Garcia with his side band (I don't think the Grateful Dead ever covered this one).

That Lucky Old Sun

Lyrics: Haven Gillespie, Beasley Smith
Music: Haven Gillespie, Beasley Smith

Up in the mornin', out on the job
Work like the devil for my pay
But that lucky old sun has nothin' to do
But roll, roll around heaven all day

Fuss with my woman, toil with my kids
Sweat till I'm wrinkled and grey
While that lucky old sun got nothin' to do
But roll, roll around heaven all day

Lord above, can't you hear me pinin'?
Tears all in my eyes
Send down that cloud with a silver linin'
Lift me up to Paradise

Show me that river, take me across
Wash all my troubles away
Like that lucky old sun, give me nothin' to do
But roll, roll around heaven all day

Show me that river, take me across
Wash all my troubles away
Like that lucky old sun, give me nothin' to do
But roll around heaven
Let me roll around heaven
I just wanna roll around heaven
All day

In other news & notes, Christie & I rented a couple of movies last night. How it usually works is she picks out one & I pick out another as our tastes in movies are quite divergent. She picked out Stranger Than Fiction starring Will Farrell. Now, I'm usually quite hesitant about watching movies starring former Saturday Night Live cast members, but this was quite good. Good plot, good acting, it even had a happy ending (which saved the movie for Christie, otherwise she said she would've hated it :)). My pick was Running With Scissors, which we haven't watched that one yet. I'll let you know.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day (it's early, but I've already listened to five songs)

Yeah! Heavy & a Bottle of Bread!-Bob Dylan, Brixton 2003

Try a Little Tenderness-Jimmy Durante

That Lucky Ol' Sun-the Jerry Garcia Band

Bisbee Blue-Calexico, Garden Ruin

I Send My Love to You-Bonnie "Prince" Billy sings Greatest Palace Music

Happy Sunday morning, friends!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coming, Going

(great picture, Heidi)

It's a thunderstorming, melancholy first day of spring. I remember when I was young being heartily disappointed that there was frost on the first day of spring. There was a nifty thunderstorm this evening, with bolts of lightning that appeared to divide this little town in two.

I've already worked out, & I'm going to put off cleaning until tomorrow, so I figured I'd delve into a little Larkin. Philip Larkin is not a poet you want to read if you want to be uplifted, but if he throws in the smallest bit of happiness it speaks volumes.

I heard a rumor this weekend that Grams found some poetry of Gramps lying around. I sure hope it's true, I had no idea. Anyway, 'til then...


On longer evenings,
Light, chill & yellow,
Bathes the serene
Foreheads of houses.
A thrush sings,
In the deep bare garden,
Its fresh-peeled voice
Astonishing the brickwork.
It will be spring soon,
It will be spring soon -
And I, whose childhood
Is a forgotten boredom,
Feel like a child
Who comes on a scene
Of adult reconciling,
And can understand nothing
But the unusual laughter,
And starts to be happy.

Philip Larkin, the Less Deceived, 1955


There is an evening coming in
Across the fields, one never seen before,
That lights no lamps.

Silken it seems at a distance, yet
When it is drawn up over the knees and breast
It brings no comfort.

Where has the tree gone, that locked
Earth to the sky? What is under my hands,
That I cannot feel?

What loads my hands down?

The Less Deceived, 1955


Green shadowed people sit, or walk in rings,
Their children finger the awakened grass,
Calmly a cloud stands, calmly a bird sings,
And, flashing like a dangled looking-glass,
Sun lights the balls that bounce, the dogs that bark,
The branch-arrested mist of leaf, and me,
Threading my pursed-up way across the park,
An indigestible sterility.

Spring, of all seasons most gratuitous,
Is fold of untaught flower, is race of water,
Is earth's most multiple, excited daughter;

And those she has least use for see her best,
Their paths grown craven and circuitous,
Their visions mountain-clear, their needs immodest.

The Less Deceived

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

The Sky is Crying-Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Sky is Crying

Lillian, Egypt-Josh Ritter, The Animal Years

I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine-Vic Chesnutt, Drunk

Folded Hands-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb, Jazz Box, Volume 1

Trials & Troubles-Old Crow Medicine Show

Happy Wednesday, friends...


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

There's some people that you don't forget, even though you only seen 'em one time or two...

I had a meeting in Grand Rapids this morning, & although I'm quite happy to live only a couple of minutes from work, I forgot how much fun the morning drive into work could be. The drive to & from work was always the best music listening time, since there's nothing else to do except drive & listen to tunes. Christie always makes fun of me for grabbing a stack of cd's for the shortest of car rides. This dates back to driving back & forth 45 minutes to get to good ol' Lutheran High Westland, & has continued through driving back & forth to Lansing from Grand Rapids & to Grand Haven from Grand Rapids to work. You kind of plan things out, for the first half hour you listen to something that is good, but there's not as much pressure on the first half hour. The last ten minutes, however, you plan it out so that you can hear a great song in it's entirety ending just as you get to work.

I also was reminded today of how rude people can be on the road. It must be easier to be mean to people on the road when you don't really have to deal with anybody face to face. Bumper stickers, for example, are the biggest example of passive aggressive rudeness. By putting a bumper sticker on your car, you can insult somebody (or at least try) from a 3" by 6" sticker. I saw one today that said "take that hippy! four more years!" & it had a picture of George Bush on it. Does this mean that everyone who didn't vote for George Bush is a hippy? Does it imply that everyone who didn't vote for George Bush are going to "get theirs" as a result of their decision? Gloria, who knows my strange sense of humor, bought me a t-shirt that mirrored a popular bumper sticker: "Vegetarian: Indian for Bad Hunter". I wear it proudly.

It doesn't end there, however. I've never quite understood the act of giving somebody the finger. If you were to see somebody in person, without the security of your car, & you gave them the finger, or said something of similar effect, there's a good chance you'd get punched in the nose. Mike & I were driving to dinner this evening, & we drove past somebody coming the opposite direction on his street. He was driving a big ol' Lincoln, & as I drove past him he gave me the finger. Why? I don't know. I asked Mike if I did anything wrong. He told me that it was because I was driving a new car. Go figure.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Cold Blooded Old Times-Smog, Accumulation: None

Mama, Won't You Keep Them Castles in the Air & Burning?-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Some Loud Thunder

Ain't Talkin'-Bob Dylan, New York City, 2006

Hard to Tell-Old Crow Medicine Show

Peaceable Kingdom-Patti Smith, Trampin'

Happy Tuesday, friends! Say hello to strangers & neighbors alike!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Dreamer in my Dreams

One of my dreams came true the other morning. It was about 5:59 am, & I was dreaming that my alarm clock was going off, then when the clock turned 6:00 am the real alarm clock went off & I had to get up to go to work. Isn't that the most depressing thing you've ever heard? I think I need one of them vacation things that I hear people talking about. I logged in 61 hours last week, uncle sherwin sure is saving money on me. When I divide my weekly salary by the hours I actually work, I think I'm probably making about 6 cents an hour. I almost felt guilty for leaving work an hour early today, almost.

On a brighter note, it was a good Saturday night & Sunday. We had a bonfire at Mike's place where my Christmas tree made for spectacular pyrotechnics (it was Mike's vision to save my Christmas tree from the mulch pile, let it dry out for three months in his backyard & throw it on a fire), church & breakfast on Sunday, watching the Rock & Roll hall of fame induction ceremony Sunday afternoon, dinner at the Kirby Sunday night followed by almost watching the sunset & then calling it a day.

Lest you think you'll get through this post without some Bob Dylan trivia, think again. On this day, March 19, in 1962 the very first Bob Dylan album (self titled) was released by Columbia Records. He was signed by the legendary producer, John Hammond (whose son went on to have an excellent career as a blues musician), although he was called "Hammond's Folly" because the record sold so few copies. Hammond was famous for signing top name artists against conventional wisdom, including Billie Holiday, Bruce Springsteen & of course, Bob Dylan.

The album is a charming little debut, with only two original Bob Dylan compositions, the others are mostly traditional material. The album does feature, however, Bob Dylan's tribute in song to his hero Woody Guthrie, which is simple & brilliant at the same time. The real genius started with the next album, the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.


Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Land-Patti Smith, Horses

Patti Smith made an incredibly gracious, unexpectedly classy acceptance speech at the rock & roll hall of fame that made me excited to pull out her best album again. Then she spit on it when she & her band played Rock & Roll N%###$, it was an incredible performance. It amazes me that this lady is four years older than my mother (not that your old, mom, it's just that she acts so much different than you, which is a good thing).

White Light/White Heat-the Velvet Underground

E-Bow the Letter-REM & Patti Smith, New Adventures in Hi-Fi

Onion Soup-Vic Chesnutt, Is the Actor Happy?

Man of Constant Sorrow-Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan

Happy Monday, friends!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Let's Have a Ball & a Biscuit, Sugar, & Take Our Sweet Little Time About It...

Three years ago today, Ryan & I went to the third of three Bob Dylan concerts at the State Theatre in Detroit. I was there the night before, & many people told me I was crazy for seeing the same concert two nights in a row. I probably am crazy, but both concerts were completely unique experiences, with very few songs being repeated. Many of my favorites were played, including an incredible, newly arranged version of It Ain't Me, Babe, a beautiful version of Boots of Spanish Leather & a version of Cold Irons Bound that was so loud it's hanging around in the smog above Detroit. After the standard encores of Cat's in the Well, Like a Rolling Stone & All Along the Watchtower, Bob & the band came out for a smoking version of Bob Seeger's Get Out of Denver. Seeger was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier that week.

The next day, I figured that it would be hard to top the night before, but the show was almost as good with great performances of Man in the Long Black Coat & Every Grain of Sand among many others. After the encores, in the dark we could see the band coming out again, but this time we could see a long-haired fella who wasn't a regular member of the band. Bob played a few chords on the piano before the lights came on, & everyone saw one of Detroit's favorite sons, Jack White of the White Stripes on Stage. What was better as they were playing White's song, Ball & a Biscuit. As far as I can remember, this was the only time Dylan has brought on a younger musician (or an older musician, for that matter) to join him on their own song. The place went nuts, & the crowd was stunned.

Jack White has referred to the experience as the highlight of his career, it was definitely one of the biggest highlights of any concert I've ever been to.

Thanks for letting me share.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

The Big Three Killed My Baby-the White Stripes

Stack O' Lee-Mississippi John Hurt, Avalon Blues: The Complete 1928 Okeh Recordings

Isis-Bob Dylan, Live 1975

Isis, oh Isis! you're a mystical child, what drives me to you, is what drives me insane...

Beginning to See the Light-the Velvet Underground

Poison Cup-M. Ward, Post War

Happy Saturday, friends...


Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's No Success Like Failure, & Failure's No Success at All

I had my appraisal the other day, & I didn't expect too much out of it. I know the things I do well & the things I could improve on. That's not to say that my boss couldn't teach me anything, but any positive or negative criticism he gives me usually come as no surprise to me. We didn't have a great year last year, but it wasn't too bad. The previous year was very good, & afterwards all I got was a 3% raise, so I figured that was the maximum I could expect this year. To my pleasant surprise, I got much more than that. Go figure.

I like the way this year has started. We are not as busy as I'd like to be, but I'm doing everything in my power to go out & get new business. I've had some decent success so far, & I hope it continues. My former partner in crime (who's now up in Ludington) & I have friendly competition to see who can get the most leads to our sales rep & other things. Believe it or not, it's kind of fun. I landed an apartment complex in Allendale yesterday & one in Spring Lake today. Tomorrow, I'll try to take on a couple of factories.

By the by, the title of this blog comes from one of the jewels of Bob Dylan's seminal album from 1965, Bringing it All Back Home. It's called Love Minus Zero/No Limit, & there's a great version from 1994 that could be found here.

Love Minus Zero/No Limit

My love she speaks like silence,
Without ideals or violence,
She doesn't have to say she's faithful,
Yet she's true, like ice, like fire.
People carry roses,
Make promises by the hours,
My love she laughs like the flowers,
Valentines can't buy her.

In the dime stores and bus stations,
People talk of situations,
Read books, repeat quotations,
Draw conclusions on the wall.
Some speak of the future,
My love she speaks softly,
She knows there's no success like failure
And that failure's no success at all.

The cloak and dagger dangles,
Madams light the candles.
In ceremonies of the horsemen,
Even the pawn must hold a grudge.
Statues made of match sticks,
Crumble into one another,
My love winks, she does not bother,
She knows too much to argue or to judge.

The bridge at midnight trembles,
The country doctor rambles,
Bankers' nieces seek perfection,
Expecting all the gifts that wise men bring.
The wind howls like a hammer,
The night blows cold and rainy,
My love she's like some raven
At my window with a broken wing.

Copyright ©copy; 1965; renewed 1993 Special Rider Music

On an unrelated note, I was looking through some pictures the other day & I came across a picture from Christmas 2005. Mom is holding Kaleigh, looking at her as though she's the most precious thing in the world, & Gramps is looking at the both of him, most likely thinking the same thing. It's something. If I had one of those scanner things, I'd post it for you. Oh well.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

So Hard to Find My Way-Jackie Greene, American Myth

Folded Hands-Kevin Davis, Jazz Box Vol 1

Highways & Cigarettes-Son Volt, the Search

All Blues-Miles Davis, Kind of Blue

Windowsill-Arcade Fire, Neon Bible

Happy Thursday, friends...


Monday, March 12, 2007

That Year

O for mortals, what
Power there is in songs,
What great happiness
That can make bearable this
Short narrow channel of life!


I realized the other night that I've been doing this silly blog thing for over a year now. My how time flies. In that time, I've probably listed 4 million songs, posted 400 poems, broken 58 different copyright rules for titles & received about 94 sarcastic remarks from Bob about it. Ah, memories. I'd do a one year anniversary "Talkin' Gibberish Blues Highlight Special" but that would be just as boring & lame as the blog itself.

Side topic: Has anybody seen that movie "Little Miss Sunshine"? I thought it was the cat's teeth. Christie hated it. It comes strongly recommended from me, for whatever that's worth.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Spring Is Here-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb, Jazz Box, Volume 1
A Decade of Champions-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb, Jazz Box, Volume 1
Underground Dream-Son Volt, The Search
Folded Hands-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb, Jazz Box, Volume 1
When I Get to the Border-Richard & Linda Thompson, I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight

Thanks for reading, friends...


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pissed Off 2 AM

Every now & then I have this sensation where I can't sit still & my legs have an incredible urge to shake. It usually doesn't bother me too much, unless it's 2:30 in the morning, when I have to get up in three hours. Oh well, at least I can get some good music listening in. Currently, I'm on Iron & Wine great song called "Prison on Route 41" which was proceeded by Son Volt's "Medicine Hat". what I'd give for that hat to be medicine, so my leg will stop shaking...Okay, I made up the last part, but you get the point. Maybe I'll try some jumping jacks or something.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Antichrist Television Blues-Arcade Fire, Neon Bible
Intervention-Arcade Fire, Neon Bible
Highways & Cigarettes-Son Volt, the Search
Circadian Rhythm-Son Volt, the Search
Medicine Hat-Son Volt, Wide Swing Tremolo

Happy Sunday, er...Monday friends...


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Clock with No Hands

During the week when I have to work, the alarm clock is always an unwelcome sound & I don't want to get up. On the weekends, however, I usually get up around the same time. When I was a kid, I always wondered why my parents got up so early in the morning. Now, 7:00 am is sleeping in for me. Also, staying up past 11:00 pm is a chore.

It doesn't matter what the clock says today, except for meeting Christie at 1:00 to help her move some of her stuff. A trip to Grand Rapids means a trip to Vertigo before 1:00 to pick up the new Son Volt album & the new Arcade Fire album & whatever else catches my eye. I had no idea that Son Volt was even releasing a new album until the other day, so it's a welcome surprise. Also, Season 6, the final season, of Northern Exposure was released this week as well. I didn't know about that, either, so as I haven't had enough time to look forward to it, I'll wait on picking that up. The anticipation is the best part, you know.

Thanks to Dan, I've now discovered the itunes on my computer, which allows me to switch from Charley Patton to the Roots to Rage Against the Machine with a click of a mouse.

This blog has no point. I'm sorry.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

The Clock With No Hands-the Roots, Game Theory

Jesus is a Dying Bed Maker-Charley Patton, King of the Delta Blues

Bulls on Parade-Rage Against the Machine, Evil Empire

Younger Than Springtime-The Oscar Peterson Trio, the Great Connection

What Goes On?-the Velvet Underground, the Bootleg Series Vol 1, the Quine Tapes

Happy Saturday, friends!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Fairest of the Seasons

I got a letter from brother Dan the other day with this little doo-hicky in it that I can use to send him a bunch of music. I guess it's called an F Drive or something like that & it can hold up to 800 songs on it. I haven't completely figured it out yet, but I've begun to import songs from my collection on to it so I can send it back to him.

Now, I know you're thinking that putting 800 songs onto a computer doesn't sound like a good time, but you're underestimating my dorkiness. The problem is that if you stop to listen to each song in it's entirety, you'll never finish. Therein lies the challenge. I'm trying to figure out if I should simply put a bunch of complete albums & Dylan Concerts on there or if I should just pick out the best. Picking out the best would be more fun, & it'll eliminate a bunch of filler.

Anyways, here's one of the first that's going on there, it's a beautiful song that was written by Jackson Brown & sung by Nico, certainly one of the more unique voices in the history of recorded music. It's from an album called Chelsea Girl. Spring is coming, friends. See you soon.
Artist: Nico Lyrics
Song: The Fairest Of The Seasons Lyrics
Now that it's time
Now that the hour hand has landed at the end
Now that it's real
Now that the dreams have given all they had to lend
I want to know do I stay or do I go
And maybe try another time
And do I really have a hand in my forgetting ?

Now that I've tried
Now that I've finally found that this is not the way,
Now that I turn
Now that I feel it's time to spend the night away
I want to know do I stay or do I go
And maybe finally split the rhyme
And do I really understand the undernetting ?

Yes and the morning has me
Looking in your eyes
And seeing mine warning me
To read the signs carefully.

Now that it's light
Now that the candle's falling smaller in my mind
Now that it's here
Now that I'm almost not so very far behind
I want to know do I stay or do I go
And maybe follow another sign
And do I really have a song that I can ride on ?

Now that I can
Now that it's easy, ever easy all around.
Now that I'm here
Now that I'm falling to the sunlights and a song
I want to know do I stay or do I go
And do I have to do just one
And can I choose again if I should lose the reason ?

Yes, and the morning
Has me looking in your eyes
And seeing mine warning me
To read the signs more carefully.

Now that I smile,
Now that I'm laughing even deeper inside.
Now that I see,
Now that I finally found the one thing I denied
It's now I know do I stay or do I go
And it is finally I decide
That I'll be leaving
In the fairest of the seasons.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Shine a Light-The Rolling Stones

Two Angels-Alejandro Escovedo

Nettie Moore-Bob Dylan, Live 2006

oh I miss you Nettie Moore, & my happiness is o'er...the winter's gone & the river's on the rise, I loved you then, & ever shall but there's no one left here to tell, the world has gone black before my eyes...

Sadie-Joanna Newsom, The Milk Eyed Mendor

all day long we talk about mercy! lead me to water, Lord! I sure am thirsty!

Thousands are Sailing-The Pogues, If I Should Fall From Grace With God

Happy Saturday, friends...


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