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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Sea & the Rythym

Hello, friends. Happy Tuesday. Things are swell here in Grand Haven. Tonight, I got to use the Ipod that Christie bought be to it's full potential: on a hike at Rosy Mound. For those of you who don't know, Rosy Mound is this little nature park south of Grand Haven. It's nature trails take you through the woods & past the dunes until you get to the beach where you have a nice secluded view of Lake Michigan. The beach is much cleaner than the State Park beach that everyone goes to, & there's also less people, probably because the hefty hike you have to go through to get there. Some day I'll take some pictures & post them for you to see. The big lake never fails to intrigue me every time I see it. Sometimes it's the miles away deep waters that interest me, imagining what it's like to be out there & what creatures lie withing. Today you could only see for a couple of hundred yards, so it had the effect of being on the edge of the world. It reminded me of that movie, the Truman Show, where Jim Carey is stuck in a television show about himself & he doesn't know it until he hits the edge of the lake & the end of the set.

Now, to the Ipod. This little thing is quite the instrument, I feel spoiled not lugging around a hefty disc player & a stack of cds shoved in my backpack. I also feel spoiled having so much of my music at my fingertips that I can switch songs or albums with a push of a button. The function I like the most is the shuffle, as it forces me to listen to stuff I haven't listened to in a long time or songs that I often skip over. How could it be that it's been so long since I've heard Robert Johnson's They're Red Hot or Know Your Rights by the Clash? Good stuff.

It was a great weekend, Junior's wedding was a lot of fun & one of the more interesting receptions I've ever been to with the bride & the father of the bride singing songs before the meal. I'm proud of the big ogre. Christie took a bunch of pictures.

I got a couple of special visitors at the store today, Grams & Aunt Jeanne stopped by on their way to Russ's. It's always a bit surreal to see family members at work, since although I've known them all my life, they've never seen the place I go to every day. The visit was short & sweet & a nice break during the day.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Free Ride-Nick Drake, Pink Moon

Underground Dream-Son Volt, the Search

Wagon Wheel-Old Crow Medicine Show

I can't get enough of this song, lately. I don't know what it is. See for yourself. Six months ago, it was I Hear Them All by OCMS that would never leave my head. I must see these banjo pickers & fiddlers in concert someday. The guy plays Lee Oskar harmonicas, the best kind.

Accidentally Like a Martyr-Warren Zevon, Excitable Boy

They're Red Hot-Robert Johnson

Happy Tuesday, friends. I hope you all have good songs playin'...



Christie said...

Well I'm glad to see your out enjoying your iPod, I never did understand how a man who loves music so much didnt have one yet. Rosy Mound, wish I could have been there with you, instead of stuck behind this computer forcing myself to do my last paper for this class.

Pam said...

Christie, I hope you were able to finish your paper--that's such a good feeling! Did you finish Harry Potter?

Christie said...

I still have about a page left to write for the paper tonight, and then I have to finish up what I am going to say for my debate, but then after tomorrow, I'm done! And I did finish the Harry Potter book, in two days... I think Andrew felt a little ignored.

andrew! said...

She gave her heart to a younger man.

Joyce said...

I've heard other iPod users say that the shuffle is the best feature. Rosy Mound sounds like my kind of place. How nice to get a surprise visit, people need to do more of that, in my opinion.

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