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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm hungry & I'm irritable

I'm sitting here at the computer waiting for 5 copies of a thirty page reports to print, the same reports that will be quickly glanced over & tossed aside by my boss to print. I spent the past two days working on it knowing full well that if it's done well he'll be able to tell by looking at the first couple of pages & ignore the rest. If it's not done well, he'll ask a ton of questions about it. It's 9:30 & I want to eat, but I like to enjoy my food & I won't be able to until this is done. I just got back from Staples for another cartridge only to get back & see that they gave me the wrong one. I'm not going back out there.

By the way, when lexmark tells you the toner cartridge is low, they are exaggerating how low it is by about 200%, which is good news tonight...

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Seeing the Real You at Last-Bob Dylan, Poughkeepsie 2004

This is the perfect show to listen to during this futile exercise. Those that say Bob Dylan has a horrible voice would poke their ears out listening to this. Gone is the trademark wheeze that people use to annoyingly imitate him, all that's left is an angry bark that fits these songs to a tee. It's as though Bob woke up that morning & realized his voice was shot to hell & said "screw it" & sang with fire & brimstone with what was left of it. It's pure razor blade throated whiskey gargling maddening beauty.

This Wheel's On Fire-Bob Dylan, Poughkeepsie 2004

The way he shouts FIRE at the end of the refrain refrain is perfect onomatopoeia, it sounds as though he's belching fire.

Highwater (for Charley Patton)-Bob Dylan, Poughkeepsie 2004

If he ever wanted to sound like Charley Patton, he achieves it here.

Ballad of a Thin Man-Poughkeepsie, 2004

Don't procrastinate, friends!


Pam said...

Good luck with your report, Andy! Your advice about procrastinating is a little late--I've been procrastinating with my progress reports all week. BUT, my goal is to finish them before you come on Sunday! But sorry, I won't be listening to Bob Dylan's fire belches while I work :).

Mary said...

Paper work, paper work aren't we suppose to be going green?

Joyce said...

Now you tell me.

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