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Monday, June 30, 2008

In the Summertime

Happy Monday, friends. It's been a busy summer so far, & I've spent most of my precious few hours of free time being a typical Grand Haven dork walking the pier, walking the dog--I like to listen to the blues while I'm walking the dog, something real masculine like Got My Mojo Working & I like to imagine that everyone that can see me walking this tiny little dog can hear it & realize I'm not the poor sap that I undoubtedly look like. No matter, I like walkin' that filthy little mutt. We get into a rhythm. It's no good walking him where there's a lot of people, though, everyone asks what kind of dog he is & "oh he so cute!". He ain't cute, he's an angry beast that will bite your leg off if you cross him.

We've had lots of visitors this summer, too. I even went fishing. Didn't catch a thing. We're going to a Whitecaps game Thursday, they're having fireworks. Better than that, I'm going to my favorite summer restaurant, The Shawmut Inn. I haven't seen Carl, Jill & Marylou in ages. I miss that place. Only three more days of work left before a three day weekend. It can't come quick enough, that work place is startin' to get on my nerves.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

After the Parade-Dan Bern, My Country II

I shot two men in a military car
On a road in a country I can't pronounce
I saw their eyes when I pulled the trigger
Then checked the back seat for the body count
I know I'm lucky, I could have been
The one beneath the clover
But who do you think will push my chair
After the parade is over

A three star general at my back
And another one up at the microphone
They call me a hero
And sing 'say can you see'
To the pole where the flag is flown
Everyone stands when my name is called
I alone must sit in the god damn sun, and
Who do you think will push my chair
After the parade is done

Maybe I'll go to college
GI bill
GI bill
Maybe I'll go into politics
Yes I will
Yes I will

I'm glad for the disability benefits
I'm glad for the medals and the ribbons and the songs
I hope the blisters on my fingers
Turn into calluses before too long
I'm glad my mother could be here today
I'm glad somebody drove her
And maybe she will push my chair
After the parade is over
Maybe she will push my chair
After the parade is over

Amazing Grace-Sufjan Stevens

Sway-Alejandro Escovedo

It Makes No Difference-My Morning Jacket

Stephen Malkmus has a knack for pulling off covers that rival the originals, both for Dylan & the Band. This is my favorite song by the Band.

Fight the Power-Public Enemy

Happy Monday, friends...



Pam said...

Enjoy your summertime! --walking your filthy little, angry mutt, listening to your manly depressing music, catching no fish, and avoiding your nerve-irritating job! Sounds like fun!!

Christie said...

Haha!!! I love Mom's comment!!

andrew! said...

I never thought my mother had a sarcastic bone in her body.

Joyce said...

I've known your mom longer and I have witnessed several streaks of sarcasm. She's good at it, but controls it because she's so kind.

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