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Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's been good to know ya!

Well, what do you know. 50+ years after being blacklisted from television for having communist friends, Pete Seeger was at the Lincoln Memorial today, playing in front of thousands of people including future president Barack Obama. Seeger, his grandson & Bruce Springsteen played a singalong version of Woody Guthrie's most famous song, This Land is Your Land.

On an unrelated night, my pal Glorious is heading to Maui in a couple of weeks & that got me to thinking about our trip to Hawaii & looking at pictures. One of the things that excited me most about Hawaii is going to the edge of a cliff & watching the waves crash against the rocks. It is pure, unadulterated nature, it's extremely powerful, dangerous & beautiful. The rocks stop the water at an instant, & over the course of many years the water slowly erodes & sculpts the rocks. It's just like life, I guess, some things change you at an instant & others slowly work on you.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Thunder Road-Bruce Springsteen

What's Goin' On?-Marvin Gaye

People Get Ready-Curtis Mayfield

Sing Me Spanish Techno-The Pornographers

No Cars Go!-The Arcade Fire

Happy Sunday, friends...


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Heidi McClelland said...

Wow you are a deep thinker tonight! Hope things are going well and that Gloria has fun in Maui! Tell her to bring back some warmer weather when she comes back.

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