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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sing me back home

Maybe justice is served. Maybe my punishment for not helping my mother clean as a lad is that I will be forced to mop floors on mother's day from age 29 (the age my mother had me) forward. Such was the case, though, I was stuck at work on Mother's Day & I had two customers all day long & raked in a whopping $37. I could have sat in the office all day & read (or sulked) but I figured I could crank up some Miles Davis & do some cleaning instead. I'm sure all of the higher level executives for my company were doing the same.

I remember looking forward to when my mom cleaned the floors in the kitchen because that meant that we got to eat dinner in the living room in front of the television. When the carpets got cleaned, all of the furniture got thrown together in the middle of the room which was perfect for a fort. It didn't take much to entertain me when I was a kid. My mom used this to my disadvantage by trying to fool me into playing a game to see how fast we could clean the kitchen. Happy Mothers day, Ma, thanks for everything you do for me, especially those things I don't even know about.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Sing Me Back Home-Merle Haggard

I've never been to prison, but the line "there's a song my mama sang" gets me everytime.

All That Matters-Mark Knopfler, Shangri-La

All of You-Miles Davis, 'Round About Midnight

I'd Like To-Mike Ireland

Help! I'm Alive-Metric



Pam said...

Thanks, Andy! I guess I did do things you didn't know about, but, obviously I did a lot of things I don't remember! I'm glad they're in someone's memory! And I hope that most of them are good memories. Love ya!

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