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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Master's Radio

My old man really likes Bluegrass music. He tells me all about the songs they play on RFD TV. I wish I had that station so I could see what he's talking about. If I had a bluegrass band, I'd call it Uncle Harry & His RFD All Stars. Anyways, here's some of my favorites I think he'd like.

That one ain't really bluegrass, but it's great all the same.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Wayfaring Stranger-Bill Monroe

The Book of Right On-Joanna Newsom

Jesus in New Orleans-Over the Rhine

Love Vigilantes-Laura Cantrell

Carpetbaggers-Jenny Lewis with Elvis Costello

Happy Saturday, friends...



Pam said...

He actually told ME that he wanted to go to a concert tonight. We're going to the Saline Fiddlers Hometown Concert featuring the Quebe Sisters (he knows them from RFDTV). So we're going!

Pam said...

OOPS! Wrong night--it's not for two weeks.

Joyce said...

I was just going to comment about your parents being at a concert last night, and found out in the knick of time, I was misinformed. I really enjoyced your samplings.

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