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Friday, December 01, 2006

Still Waters Run Deep

Here's a link to the annual Thanksgiving story from Bailey White. It was a good one this year, as usual. Her characters are usually simple & heartwarming, although usually not innocent.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Every Grain of Sand-Bob Dylan, Brixton 2005

Not too be morbid, but this would be a great song to play at a funeral.

Ain't Talkin'-Bob Dylan, New York City, 2006

Medicine Hat-Son Volt, Wide Swing Tremolo

River-Joni Mitchell, Blue

A Case of You-Joni Mitchell, Blue

Happy Friday, friends!



Dan Van said...

I'll be in Grand Rapids after Christmass for a while. We should have a few PBR's.

Joyce said...

Joni Mitchell, thanks for reminding me. I'm waiting for a visual of your tree.

andrew! said...

That's fantastic news.

Christie said...

Gray's Labratory.. your soooooo funny :) And you have a deal for the walk in the snow and pictures...you have no idea what you just signed up for.

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