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Monday, February 05, 2007

When Your Rooster Crows at the Break of Dawn, Look Out Your Window & I'll Be Gone...

(the obligatory album cover of Dan's favorite Dylan album, Nashville Skyline, makes a nice picture of "see you 'round down the line, ol' friend, don't be a stranger")

I got an unexpected phone call today from Brother Dan. He was at the airport waiting to ship out to Kuwait, yet another transition before his final destination of Iraq. I can't imagine the waiting, as each stop prepares you for the next. If anyone can handle these things it's Dan, I can picture him cracking jokes to the soldier sitting next to him as he recieves orders. He asked me about the other Dan, about how the plane ride is going to be 25 hours (at least he has a buffer seat between him & the next passenger), he told me a way of sending him tunes without burning cd's. I don't know what all that computer mumbo jumbo means, but I'll figure it out. I'm not sure which cd's I'll be sending him, yet, but I'll sure have fun making them.

If you're interested in reading all about the goings on about Grand Haven's favorite soldier (he'll always be a Grand Havenite to me, no matter where he roams) you can read it here.

Take care, old friend. I'll save you a seat at the Shawmut.

Here's a poem that is reminiscent of the fire pit during summer nights on the tracks...

Cutting Loose on an August Night

Roll the windows all
the way down & keep it
floored until you can hear the doors
between the corn-rows bursting
open with the august hay
and the full force of the packed earth
being unpacked and shredded
up with speed as the center line
pours tracer bullets
at the bug-spatttered windshield
and the night's rush outshouts
static on the radio
where New York trails Cincinatti
and Oklahoma City's
cutting in to say high
tomorrow in the mid to upper
90s, low, and a full slate
of night action out there
like dusty fairgrounds
fierce under arc light roars
no runs, no hits, no errors, one
man left, and the entire north
winces, takes the snap-
shot of a cloud
formed like a horse's head,
and you are fixed firmly
in the cool pressure of the night,
the glare of the Philadelphia
and Boston games as sure
as constellations,
you're weightless
in the thick of speed, going
nowhere in all directions
at once, nothing but the pennant
race at stake.

Jonathan Holden

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Country Pie-Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline
What's the Frequency, Kenneth?-REM, Monster
Standing in the Doorway-Bob Dylan, Las Vegas 2000
Dear Mrs. Roosevelt-Woody Guthrie
I know Gramps is a Republican, but this song always reminds me of him.
Shooting Star-Bob Dylan, Zurich 2003

Happy Monday, friends!



Pam said...

God be with you, Dan! We'll keep you in our prayers. Andy's Mom

Christie said...

Dan and Bob...what a striking resemblance ;) Even though I haven't known Dan all that long, I know what you mean about how if anyone can handle this, he can. He has such a great attitude and takes everything in stride.

Dan Van said...

YEA a whole Blog about me! Thanks for all the love. Thanks for the poem and the good times. I am here in Kuwait safe and sound. --Don't know what to say becides go to the Morning Star with Christie soon and tell me what you too got.

Heidi said...

Our prayers are with you too Dan.--Andy's sister
Andy... you need to add his blog to your links on the side of your blog. If you don't know how to do it give me a call and I can walk you through it.

Dan Van said...

Okay 10 days of me is enough. I hope you have a new asst. and that he can watch the store for a bit wihile you post some good old happenings.

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