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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Sunday, friends. It looks to be a beautiful Fall Sunday here in Grand Haven. It's a bit cloudy, but I think that the colors of the grass & of the trees are more vivid when it's cloudy, call me crazy. Yesterday was my Mother's birthday, & I can't help but think that she made me appreciate days like these. She sees the beauty & excitement in little things & she likes to make little adventures for herself, especially with her grandkids & her best pal Joyce. She taught me not to take things too seriously, to always look for the good in others, it's only money, to find the harmony in a song & many, many other things. Happy Birthday, ma, I love you.

In other news, the great painting spree of '07 continues this weekend, this time the bathroom. It was Christie's choice, a bright green. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it looks really good against the maple cabinets. It really "pops", as Christie & decorator people are wont to say. Today, I'll put the second coat on.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Where do we go from here?-the Oscar Peterson Trio, the Great Connection

This is a wonderful little whimsical song, I wish I could give you a clip of it. Dan, when I asked Melvin which jazz piano players I should check out, the first one he told me was Oscar Peterson.

Billy 1-Bob Dylan, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Soundtrack

Mr Tambourine Man-Bob Dylan Live at Newport, 1964

Sweetness Follows-REM, Automatic for the People

Is There Anybody Here?-Phil Ochs, There But for Fortune

Happy Sunday, friends...



Pam said...

Thanks, Andy! I love you, too! I wish I had more time for adventures to Grand Haven!

Heidi said...

Is this the infamous teal green in the bathroom? Or did you go with something just as fabulous?

Joyce said...

I would expect that the ensemble performed by the Schroeder Grands would be one of your favorite songs of the day. Happy Birthday my Pam.

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