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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Sunday Smile

Friday's nice, the last day of the work week, that is unless you have to work Saturday's. Saturday is nice, but there's too much pressure put on Saturday, either to have a great time or to get something accomplished. If I don't get something accomplished on a Saturday, I feel kind of guilty. Me, I'm a Sunday man.

Let me tell you how my average Sunday goes. It may sound boring to you, but to me, it's perfect. I wake up somewhere between 6:30 & 8:00 & I get ready for church. I let the dog out, make some coffee (coffee always tastes better on a Sunday morning) & I'll either putz around on the computer or watch television for an hour or so. I'll either catch up on reruns of "Spectacle, Elvis Costello with..." or I'll watch the Sunday morning news programs, my personal favorites are Meet the Press (although it's not quite the same since Tim Russert passed) & Reliable Sources. Around 9:00 or so, I grab the dog & plan a stealth attack for waking Christie up. I'll drop the dog right around Christie's face so that he licks her until she wakes up. I'll grab her coffee & then go back to whatever television show I was watching.

10:30 church starts. I hate to say it, but we're those people that always show up about one minute before the service starts. From there, it's on to breakfast. We switch back & forth between the Wharf Pavillion & the Morningstar. The Wharf is faster & more inexpensive but the food isn't quite as fancy as the Morningstar. Each place has it's charm. From there, we usually go to the Bookman & pick up a magazine or two.

Sunday afternoon is hardly ever planned out. Many times we'll talk about doing something substantial, but we usually end up sitting around the house. Lately, Christie has had a lot of homework to do, which leaves me to read, play video games, take the dog for a walk or find some documentaries to watch on television. In the summer, we'll go for a walk on the pier or downtown with the dog. Sometimes we'll go shopping. Dinner on Sunday evenings is always at home, nothing special. Christie usually watches Desperate Housewives on Sunday evenings, in which case I'll either read or listen to tunes in the other room. I'll usually go to bed around 10:00 or so.

Some great discoveries have been made on Sundays. I took a walk in downtown Grand Rapids about 9 years ago in the wintertime & stumbled upon Vertigo Records. When I lived in Grand Rapids, I'd usually save my trips to Vertigo for Sunday. My friends & I used to have a tradition of going to New Beginnings restuarant on Sunday mornings until we wised up & discovered Wolfgangs or the Sundance Grill. Going back further to when I was a kid I remember going to bed & listening to the Mitch Albom show on WJR on Sunday nights. It was at that point that I learned to enjoy the last few hours before Monday came around.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Godspeed-Jenny Lewis, Acid Tongue

Bridges & Balloons-Joanna Newsom, The Milk Eyed Mendor

On Eagle's Wings-Hymn

The Tracks of My Tears-Smokey Robinson

Uphill Mountain-Jackie Greene, Giving Up the Ghost

Happy Sunday, friends...



Joyce said...

Thanks for all the imagery and sharing your Sunday. Smile and sigh. What do you normally order for Sunday breakfast? I agree that Meet the Press misses Tim.

Ethelapple said...

Our Sunday is usually plan-free except for church. There is definitely something to be said for a "day of rest" for the whole family.

Mary said...

Neat building on your blog. I too rise a good hour or two before Mark and settle into a similiar ritual minus the dog. We go to early church so lately I get up and work out and then come back, shower. drink coffee and head out to church. We go to the Diner in T-Town and always sit with whatever friends we find there in our local hot spot. Sharing tables is away to reduce the line for others. Then I head back home for the paper, and the news programs while Mark heads up to the Man Cave for fishing shows. Oh how good life can be!

Pam said...

You forgot to mention that you usually talk to your mother on Sundays :)

Heidi McClelland said...

I agree Sundays trump Saturdays in many ways! Nice blog thanks for sharing!

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