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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Advances on spirit & your soul

At a time when I think our company might be better served to condense it's hours of business due to slumping sales, it does the opposite, making it mandatory for every store to be open Sunday & an hour later during weekdays. That's an added 11 hours a week with no more hours added to the budget, probably to be absorbed by yours truly. I've been told that nobody higher up than me wants to hear any complaints or arguments as to why this might not be a good idea, that's usually a good indicator that it's not a good idea. But what do I know?

In other news, our castle is in a state of transition as we prepare to put our floor in next weekend. I can't fully enjoy sitting in my favorite chair knowing that the ominous stack of flooring next to me needs to be reckoned with.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Billy-Bob Dylan, Stockholm, Sweden March 23, 2009 Bob Dylan debuted this song from 1973 at his first show of 2009, a mighty fine outing, if you ask me.

One More Cup of Coffee (the Valley Below)-Bob Dylan, Oslo March 25, 2009

To Go Home-M. Ward

Northern Sky-Nick Drake, Bryter Later

I Believe In You-Bob Dylan, Stockholm, Sweden March 23, 2009

Happy Thursday, friends...



Pam said...

Corporate minds at work?? That's just plain dumb--especially on the conservative nothing-open-on Sunday side of the state.

Emily said...

The new paint color looks nice.

Mary said...

Good luck with the remodeling. I can't wait to be on vacation - I well know the 7 day work week saga. We are going to Sunny Cali and Melissa and Rich will leave for Hawaii the day we leave. Hang in there

Joyce said...

That stinkerinoes.

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