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Monday, November 06, 2006

I Have Often Walked Down This Street Before

Christie went for a walk last night down one of the best streets in Grand Rapids, Leonard, where her house is. She doesn't think it is as great as I do, maybe it's because she has to look at it every day. My parents will know it as the street that Arnie's is on, but it's so much more. There are the coolest old houses on that street, particularly on the west side, there's a great old cemetary on the hill, where, if you walk to one side of it, you can look east & see a beautiful view of the city. On nice days when I'm driving to Grand Rapids & I'm not in any kind of hurry, I'll go through Spring Lake & take Leonard all the way to Grand Rapids, it's one of the best stretches of drive you'll ever see. You can look upon farms, golf courses, campgrounds, the Grand River, beautiful old houses, small villages, it's got it all.

Anyway, we headed east from her apartment towards the city, & we got to the point where we were close to my old neighborhood, so we walked a bit further. If you walk up the hill from my old house, especially in the wintertime, you can get a great view of the city. I was always jealous of that view since I was down in the valley. On nights when it was snowing pretty bad, though, I could watch the cars try to drive up that hill, usually unsuccessfully. Afterwords, we ate at the good ol' Shawmut Inn. Jill was working, she's great, she told us about her vacation to Alaska, which I was incredibly jealous of. I now have three things in common with Jill; she's a vegetarian, she's loves Alaska & she's a huge John Updike fan. She reminds me alot of Joyce.
The house is looking a bit decrepid, I must say, not that it was ever a mansion when I lived there, but the hedges & the lawn were a bit out of control. I miss that place, but I'm happy to be where I'm at.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

O Mary Don't You Weep-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb

Click on the link & download the file on the page.

Nettie Moore-Bob Dylan, Auburn Hills, 2006

Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)-Bob Dylan, Auburn Hills, 2006

Well the last thing I remember
before I stripped & kneeled
was a trainload of fools
bogged down in a magnetic field
& a gypsy with a broken flag
in a flashing ring said
"son this ain't a dream no more
it's the real thing"

Spirit on the Water-Bob Dylan, Auburn Hills, 2006

Broken Bottle-Alejandro Escovedo, Austin TX, 2004

Happy Monday, friends!



Anonymous said...

That was a nice walk. "Oh Mary Don't you Weep", what a good choice :)

Heidi said...

Sounds like you guys had fun!
Quinn still wants you to come over :)!

Joyce said...

I wish people would keep a good thing going when they move into a well-kept space. I'm usually saddened when I look across the street and see Dick and Doris' old house in a state of disarray.

Pam said...

The next time I drive your way, I'll have to take the "Leonard" way from GR to GH!

I hope the old place doesn't look as shabby on the inside. You had it fixed up so nicely!

Hi, Christie! I'm thankful for you and the walks with my son!

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