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Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm longing for that sweet fat that sticks to your ribs...

There are things I'm interested in, & there are things I wish I could be interested in. Cooking & working out fall in the latter category. I wish I liked to cook. I wish sitting in the kitchen coming up with a feast could hold my interest. I also wish I could be so interested in maintaining an athletic form. Unfortunately, these things sound good in theory, but lose steam a couple of days into it. Especially cooking. There are quite a few people I know that love to cook, at least it seems that way from the time they put into it & the outcome. Grandma is probably the best cook I know, although with meals prepared for her at her apartment, I don't blame her for retiring from her post. Gloria from work absolutely loves to cook. She's always bringing baked goods & other things into work. Emily & Bob, although relatively new at it, seem quite interested in the art of cooking. They both seem to be interested in the process & the outcome. Emily's zucchini bread was amazing, it last me all week. Every time I ate a piece it was as good, if not better than the first.

I don't know if it's laziness, but cooking never caught on with me. I've been living on my own for basically 10 years now, & I've never made the connection between preparing meals prior to being hungry & enjoying it when you are. I have a simple existence when it comes to food, I'd just assume make something that would take me 5 minutes to make. Granted, I understand that these meals aren't quite as delectable as those that are carefully prepared. Quite simply, I survive on Boca burgers, chips & salsa, salad & cereal with a visit to a restaurant once a week. Maybe that's why I became a vegetarian. What's the use of taking the time to kill, prepare & cook an animal that will take me two minutes to eat?

Why do I bring this up? Well, it's 9:30 & I haven't eaten yet. Salad or cereal. What do you think? I think I'm out of milk. Salad it is. Chips & salsa for dessert.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do What Your Told)-the White Stripes, Icky Thump

300 Miles Per Hour Torrential Outpour Blues-the White Stripes, Icky Thump

Great albums take a while to sink in. After three listens, it's finally starting to take hold.

Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn-The White Stripes, Icky Thump

Sky Blue Sky-Wilco, Sky Blue Sky

Lenny Bruce-Bob Dylan, Boston 2006

Lick your plates clean, friends...



Christie said...

I love that you didnt mention my cooking abilities (hangs head in shame). You would not survive if it wasnt for the chips and salsa. I wonder if theres any sherbert left :)

Pam said...

I'm afraid you've inherited both aversions from me. I hate to exercise and cooking is something I do when I have to. It's not that I hate cooking, it's just that it takes so much time and makes such a mess that the equation doesn't balance. cooking + cleaning up > joy of eating

Joyce said...

Cooking is overrated, I admire the way you exist. I've cooked many a dish in my day, some delicious, some not. I've yet to find anything that tastes better than a bowl of cereal with fresh fruit and cold milk.

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