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Monday, August 20, 2007

We'll climb that hill no matter how steep when we come up to it...

Happy Monday, friends. It's not very often that I bring exciting news. It isn't my way to be heard over the crowds with something exciting. I'd much rather be the wallflower in the corner looking for some other lost soul for whom the party wasn't meant for. Whenever my mother calls on the phone I feel sort of bad that the only stories I have to tell are those of my jet set life of working at the paint store. Oh but this weekend was a different story. I asked Christie to marry me & wouldn't you know? She said yes.

Whenever I tell people the story of how I proposed to Christie & the events that surrounded it, my story sounds kind of boring. But when I go through the events of the weekend, there was nothing boring about it. I don't remember what it was that I actually said when I proposed, but I do remember that Christie thankfully didn't let me finish whatever nervous words that came out of my mouth. There will be many things that will stick out in my mind when thinking back on the weekend, here's just a few of 'em:

Passing the time before Christie showed up with Mike in front of my house & the irony of Christie asking "why does Mike always leave whenever I come over?"

Waiting for a table at the Lakeside Inn & watching a gentleman get upset that the restaurant didn't have his table waiting for him. I wondered how someone could get upset at a place like that.

Thinking how bad an idea it was to have Christie sit on the rock to my left with the ring in my left pocket & wondering how I would kneel on the rocks.

Christie smothering me while I was on one knee paying no mind to the box in my hand.

The clapping of old ladies as they watched what unfolded on the beach. I found out later that Mike's mother was on the beach only 10-15 minutes before we were there, strictly coincidence.

Listening to the song Pink Moon from Nick Drake while Christie called her friend on the ride home.

The willingness in Ryan's voice to drive to my house from Benton Harbor when I had him tricked into thinking that Christie said no. A true friend.

The excitement in Emily's voice as she planned how she would arrange for Mom, Dad & Heidi to be around on Sunday.

Almost passing out from nervousness waiting for Christie's dad to show up at our table at Russ's knowing that when he did he'd only be there for a couple of minutes.

The look of excitement on Christie's mothers face as I told her what she probably knew all along.

Picking up wine & bridal magazines at D&W (see if you can guess who was more decided about what).

The smile on Christie's face when Mike came over & called her Mrs. Schroeder.

The look on my mother's face when we walked in the door wondering what was going on.

The smile on my dad's face when we asked him to do the wedding & his typical dodging of the questions we asked him.

Walking into the room & seeing Christie flip through bridal magazines with my mom, sisters & grams--the most important women in my life all in one place.

The smile on Christie's face every time she comes up with another question about the wedding.

Well, that's enough mushy stuff for one day. There's all sorts of things I'm looking forward to, but I'll save that for another day, there's too many things to mention.

I love you, Christie. Ever hear that song, The Best is Yet to Come? It's a great song. You should hear it.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Amen-Jolie Holland, Escondida

You Ain't Goin' Nowhere-Bob Dylan, Hammersmith 2003

I Hear Them All-Old Crow Medicine Show

Here at the Right Time-Josh Ritter, the Animal Years

Love Minus Zero/No Limit-Bob Dylan & George Harrison, Concert for Bangladesh

Happy Monday, friends...



Pam said...

Andy, this is DEFINITELY one to print and save for your grandchildren one day!

Heidi said...

I completely agree! very nice, Very nice!

Christie said...

I read this blog with my mom, and we both had tears in our eyes when we finished. She had me print it out for her. You really do have a gift with words. I love you so much!!

Joyce said...

Way to go Andrew. Christie is very blessed.

Amanda said...

Congratulations Andy and Christie! Sounds like a fantastic and completely unboring weekend! :)

Amy said...


Mike said...

Good job. I proposed over a burrito at home. It is a nerve-racking thing once you have that ring, fun though. Try to enjoy the planning as much as a dude can. The wedding day will fly by.

Dan Van said...

Way to go Andrew! Christie is great! Clap Your Hands and Say Yea!!

Jill said...

Christie, Andrew, nice job! Now we can go through your wedding box!!! So glad our gentle prodding came in handy... I have quite a stack of magazines that can go to great use. I have your pic on my bulletin board in front of me (looks very engagement-esque to me) Congrats!

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