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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let's Invite Them Over

I'm fascinated by my neighbors. I've met those on both sides of me & they no longer fascinate me. But a few doors down from me, those are the ones that intrigue me. All of the condos in my complex have the exact same layout, some are just switched around. Two of the condos always have lights & a tv or computer on in the front bedroom, the room in my house where I never spend any time in. What are they doing in there? The intrigue will remain because if the trend of the last year & a half continues, I'll never speak to them.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

See That My Grave is Kept Clean-Blind Lemon Jefferson

there's one kind favor I ask of you...

Window-Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine

Cosmia-Joanna Newsom

Dodge-Vic Chesnutt, Drunk

there's so many ghosts out there on these streets...

300 Miles Per Hour Torrential Outpoor Blues-the White Stripes

i'm bringing back ghosts that are no longer there...one things for sure: in that graveyard I'll have the shiniest pair of shoes

Happy Wednesday, neighbors!



Pam said...

You could throw pebbles at their upstairs windows and then invite them to go downstairs, out their back sliding doors and over for a sit around your firepit. That would be neighborly!

Christie said...

Your one neighbor still gives me the creeps...maybe once the cop sells his condo you'll get some fun neighbors!!!

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