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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Someone showed me a picture, I just had to laugh, dignity's never been photographed...

Happy Saturday, friends. I'm on vacation, well at least until Wednesday. I figure it would be a good time to take a couple of days off just before I head on down to Holland. I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do, probably not much of anything at all, which is just tops by me. We're gonna meet with the preacher on Monday & maybe I'll tackle the great stripes project of '07. Other than that, I hope to do a whole lot of nothing at all.

This afternoon, however, Christie & I are getting engagement pictures taken. Christie's excited about it & I'm excited for her, but to be honest, I'm not a fan of getting my picture taken. We are going downtown Grand Rapids & were still not sure where the pictures will be taken, the walking bridge right by GVSU will probably be a spot, but other than that, we're gonna rely on the inspiration & the photographer. If nothing else, it'll be fun to walk around downtown Grand Rapids, I haven't been there in a while. Maybe I can drag Christie down to Vertigo to get the new Iron & Wine album.

For your reading pleasure, check out Brother Soldier Dan's blog where he discusses such topics as golf, baseball, the Iraq war, supply & demand, love & theft, music, fine dining, television & censorship, electrical currents, literature, fitness & tips on keeping your lawn green & healthy.

For your viewing & listening pleasure, here's the lovely Jolie Holland singing Mexican Blue...

You're like a saint's song to me
I'll try to sing it pure and easily

You're like a Mexican blue
So bright and clear and pale in the afternoon
I saw you riding on your bike
In a corduroy jacket in the night
Past the hydrangeas that were blooming in the alley
With a galloping dog by your side
When I was hungry you fed me
I don't mean to suggest that I'm like Jesus Christ
Your light overwhelmed me
When I lay beside you sleepless in the night
And when you dreamed my guardian spirits appeared
And the moon stretched out across your little bed
They said they'd started to get worried about me
They were happy we had finally met
We had finally met

A mysterious bird flies away
Seemed to be calling your name
And bounced off the top of a towering pine
And vanished in the drizzling rain
There's a mockingbird behind my house
Who is a magician of the highest degree
And I swear I heard him rip the world apart
And sew it back again with his fiery melody, melody

When you were mad at me I didn't care
And I just loved you all the same
And I waited for the wind to push the hurricane
Out to sea, and the sun could shine again
Oh I don't mean to give you advice
Its just like Delia said, "oh, Jesus Christ"
Just don't get so hight you leave the ground
Everything is so much better when you're around
Just don't float so hight you drift away
Stand tall, with your feet on the ground
I love your songs, I love your sound
Everything is so much better when you're around

When the moon is as clear as an opal
And the amethyst river sings a song
I'll remember all your dreams and the mysteries
You have borne in your crystalline soul
That you sing from your golden throat
That you shine from your sparkling eyes
That you feel from the goddess in your thighs

You're like a saint's song to me
I'll try to sing it pure and easily
You're like a Mexican blue
So bright and clear and pale in the afternoon
In the afternoon

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Adieu False Heart-Jolie Holland, Springtime Can Kill You

Mexican Blue-Jolie Holland, Springtime Can Kill You

It Ain't Me, Babe-Bob Dylan, Tramps 1999

Panties in Your Purse-the Drive By Truckers, Gangstabilly

Mood Indigo-Frank Sinatra, In the Wee Small Hours

Happy Saturday, friends, say cheese...



Heidi said...

Pictures Yeah! Should be a great day for them. The weather is beautiful (at least here it is) hopefully it is there too! Have fun, say cheese!

Christie said...

Of course we can go to Vertigo :) It will be your reward for sitting through the pictures with me. I cant wait!!

Pam said...

We'll be anxious to see the foetoes. Are you finished in the GH store then? Did they have a tearful farewell for you? Have a nice break!

Joyce said...

After cross referencing with Christie's blog, it sounds like you may have enjoyed the photo shoot. I'm wondering how far your commute will be. I've heard of two of the five songs, and my interest is really perked by the "Panties in the Purse" song.

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