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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Covenant woman, got a contract with the Lord...

Happy Tuesday, friends. The way my brain bounces around from subject to subject astounds me sometimes. I watched a clip on the internet about Hunter S. Thompson, then I remembered the movies I rented are overdue, so I hopped in the car, turned on Desolation Row & drove to the video store.

On the way, I got to thinking about how many of the women in my life are either teachers, full time mothers or social workers. All of them are in the business of helping people. It amazes me how they went to college, some of them for eight years or more to help people in ways that most of us take for granted (I include myself in that bunch) & get paid very little for it. It's interesting that the professions that don't generate money get paid accordingly & the professions that generate the most money get the most money. It's almost as if our society takes for granted the fact that people don't take on these careers for money, but rather to help people.

There's a fella I work with who recently adopted a little girl from Ethiopia. He had to spend two weeks there when he picked her up. He's made the comment on several occasions that it's pretty difficult to take selling paint seriously considering how poor people are in that country. It's both comforting & also disappointing to know that no ones life will be greatly ruined or touched by what they buy from me. Don't get me wrong, I love my job & I think you can help people in many different ways regardless of your profession, it just makes me think how much more I could do. Cheers to you, ladies.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Every Grain of Sand-Bob Dylan, St Louis, 2004

I Got You (at the end of the century)-Wilco, Being There

Keep Me in Your Heart for Awhile-Warren Zevon, The Wind

If this song doesn't give you the goosebumps, I'd be surprised, the last song Zevon ever recorded before dying of cancer. I remember staying up late to watch Warren on David Letterman when he learned he was dying & it was one of the most moving moments on live television I've ever seen. "you're reminded to enjoy every sandwich"

Mutineer-Warren Zevon, David Letterman Show

Holland-Sufjan Stevens, Greetings from Michigan

Enjoy every sandwich, friends...



Pam said...

Remember, Andy. The people who live out their lives and do their job (whatever they are) in a godly way are the best teachers!

Christie said...

I agree with your mom. Anyone can tough someones life and teach them things just by being an example. But I do agree we should get paid more ;)

Christie said...

opps that was supposed to be "touch" not tough.

Joyce said...

You may be underestimating how a fresh coat of color can brighten someone's life. My pants are begging me to take it easy on the sandwiches.

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