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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Salute Her When Her Birthday Comes

24. This look she gives me when I've said something stupid or if she wants something from me. I wish everyone could see it. I hate to tell you this, but you are enabling me to say stupid things.

23. She is organized. I am not.

22. She is genuinely concerned about people, even people she doesn't know.

21. She is very excited to be an aunt to my nieces & nephews.

20. She likes to take care of all of the little things & gets excited about it. For some reason, she likes to clean, organize & check things off of her list. In doing so, she has my best interest in mind.

19. She wants to see the world, & I think she'll inspire me to go with her.

18. She can just sit without doing anything & be perfectly content.

17. She giggles with glee every time she sees a puppy.

16. She likes all of my friends & treats them as if she's known them as long as I have.

15. She is very close with her family & she is always excited to see mine.

14. She loves to help people.

13. Her laugh is very infectious, & she can break out in laughter at any time.

12. She's a homebody, just like me.

11. She sings along to the radio in the car & doesn't mind if you hear it.

10. She has a great smile & you can't help but smile if you see her smile.

9. She cries watching cheesy movies & television shows & doesn't mind if you see her crying.

8. She doesn't get too mad at me when I hog the radio in the car.

7. She drags me to the beach, even when I pretend I don't really like going to the beach.

6. She is passionate about many things, including her faith.

5. She inspires me to be a better man.

4. She loves people for who they are, not for who she wants them to be.

3. She doesn't have to say she's faithful, yet she's true like ice, like fire. (Okay, I stole that one from somewhere but it fits).

2. She loves me & wants to marry me & puts up with me.

1. She's got that certain something that you can never put into words but you recognize as soon as you are around her & it instantly makes you feel good.

Happy Birthday, Christie, I love you.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

I'll Keep it With Mine-Nico

No Trust-The Black Keys

Romulus-Sufjan Stevens, Greetings from Michigan

Ain't Talkin'-Bob Dylan, Modern Times

Spirit on the Water-Bob Dylan, Modern Times

Happy Saturday, friends...



Heidi said...

Very nice Andrew! Happy Birthday Christie!

Christie said...

This was the best, sweetest birthday present ever!! I hope you have such sweet things to say when we're 80 :) Thank you, I love you!

Mary said...

How thoughtful and caring you are to recognize such lovely things about your fiancee. Every mother hopes to find someone for her daughter like you!

Marlene said...

Andrew, I cried when I read this. I don't blog, so I normally don't leave comments, but I am soooo thankful Christie found you and you are going to be a part of our family. That was the best gift you can give someone and you are a blessing as well!!

Joyce said...

This is Monday, I'll bet Christie had a nice Saturday birthday especially after reading this.

Anonymous said...


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