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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

Christie just bought the album called Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings by the Counting Crows the other day at her favorite place in the world, Vertigo. The album is split up in two parts; the Saturday night songs are rock & roll type numbers & the Sunday morning songs are more laid back ballad type songs. There's never much of a distinction between Saturday nights & Sunday mornings for me, I much prefer sitting on the couch & watching Flip that House. Tonight feels a bit more like a Sunday morning, save for the nice glass of Chianti I'm sipping on. I'm downloading music onto my computer & watching the dog, Christie's working on a paper. We went to church tonight & to the Wharf afterwards for dinner (we usually go to the Wharf for breakfast).

Now, I don't like to brag, but after such an incredible weekend with friends playing golf, grilling out, watching baseball, watching fireworks in my little town in my little house with my beautiful wife & my little dog, I can't help but feel blessed. It's a good little life I got.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Things Ain't Like They Used to Be-the Black Keys, Attack & Release

Gettin' By-Jackie Greene, Rusty Nail

The finest 4th of July song ever written, perhaps the only 4th of July song ever written.

The game must be loaded, cause I never win
these things never did treat me good.
but keep the fire warm, dear and I`ll see you again
Lord knows that someday I should

it`s a strange old feeling, these passing lane blues
but it`s nothing I ain`t never felt before.
you nailed down my conscience and you forced me to choose
and my soul I let slip through your door

and I`ll be doing just fine, oh fine
no matter how hard I don`t try
and if it`s raining on the fourth of July
I believe I`ll be gettin` by

the cheaper the ride, the cheaper the thrill
you can`t trust the shadow through the curtain.
but if I took you for granted, would you send me the bill?
there`s one thing that I know for certain..

all I`ve got is this time on my hands
and time, oh time it`s a breakin`
just one lost memory and the price you demand
yes I loved you but I could have been mistaken

and I`ll be doing just fine, oh fine
no matter how hard I don`t try
and if it`s raining on the fourth of July
I believe I`ll be gettin` by

time makes you older (or that`s what they say)
I come to find out it ain`t so.
time makes you colder and farther away
and farther and farther you go...

Ruby Tuesday-The Rolling Stones

Rising Up-The Roots, Rising Down

War is Kind-Jakob Dylan, Seeing Things

Such Great Heights-Iron & Wine

Happy Saturday evening, friends...


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