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Saturday, July 19, 2008

That Thin Wild Mercury Sound

It's Saturday morning & Christie's plans of going to the beach aren't looking too good. It's quite cloudy outside & it's now raining.

I've spent the morning getting hardly anything accomplished except for loading music onto my computer. The last one I just popped in is On the Corner by Miles Davis. I can't imagine anyone I know listening to this album except for maybe Dan Vanderwall & not making a face like Miles is making here. My mother once said that it didn't much matter if a jazz musician missed a note, & although I don't think she meant that as a compliment, it's absolutely true. Sometimes the great moments come in the missed notes, & that was never as true as on On the Corner. It's an absolute mess laid over a repetitive little drum beat & a bass line that comes in every ten seconds & repeats itself. I can hear cats from all over the neighborhood hissing at Miles' trumpet. Problem is, I love it. Great music has the ability not only to soothe, excite & inspire but also the power to DISTURB, no matter how many people don't like it. This music is more sardonic than any Public Enemy record or anybody else that cares to stir people up with words. This challenges what jazz could & should be. Much like Dylan changed the nature of songwriters' subject matter Miles changed the sounds jazz musicians made.

If Miles had released this album after Kind of Blue, he would've been assassinated. Thankfully, he eased his way up to it with Bitches Brew.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

We Call Upon the Author to Explain-Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Dig Lazarus Dig

So What-Miles Davis, Miles in Berlin

On the Corner/New York Girl/Thinkin' of One thing & Doing Another/Vote for Miles-Miles Davis, On the Corner

Sister Lost Soul-Alejandro Escovedo, Real Animal

I've already fell in love with this album after two days, this song in particular. The video is pretty bad but the sound is wonderful...

Always a Friend-Alejandro Escovedo & Bruce Springsteen!

I just found this out this morning, it's pretty incredible that someone who couldn't even sell out the Wealthy Street Theater in Grand Rapids is playing with Bruce Springsteen. Maybe Grand Rapids is just lame.

Happy Saturday, friends...



Pam said...

I've never cared much for jazz. I know you'd disagree, Andy, but it just doesn't seem to go anywhere, AND it doesn't have harmony! You know how I love harmony! Back in college, Dad and I suffered through a Ramsey Lewis Trio Concert. I thought I would die of boredom! Actually, in high school I played baritone sax in a "jazz" band--except it wasn't really jazz, but more the "Big Band" sound.

Dan said...

I would like that album.

Mary said...

Matt has been going to all kinds of music venues this summer at the River Front. He loved George Clinto who would have thought. Oh to be young and willing to hang out on the streets of Detroit!

andrew! said...

Oh man, I love George Clinton! Downtown Detroit isn't that bad as long as you know where not to go.

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