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Monday, November 03, 2008

the loser now will be later to win...

I'm sure I'm not the only blogger in the world to reference the song "The Times They Are a Changin'" today or tomorrow. A great song transcends the time frame & the circumstances for which it was written. This performance is from 1981 on one of Bob Dylan's gospel tours. The song is not out of place when seen through the lense of Bob Dylan's conversion to Christianity. It's a bit corny to think of this song the day before an election, but I can't help it.

I know it's cliche, but I truly believe that tomorrow's election is the most important of my lifetime. I believe that one of the positives that will come out of the past eight years is that the citizens of this country will no longer be passive about what their government is doing. There is too much at stake for the future of this country & in people's lives to sit idly by without taking an active interest in what's going on. A lady I work with told me that at 60 years old, this is the first election she has ever voted in. Another gentlemen told me that even though he is kind of "racist" he can't help but vote for Barack Obama.

Here's why I'm voting for Barack Obama.

He opposed the war from the start when it wasn't politically beneficial for him to do so & he wants to bring the war in Iraq to a close.

He is respected throughout the world & will restore our broken reputation. He sees a value in communicating with our enemies, knowing full well that it is easier to speak ill or do harm to someone when you don't have to look them in the eye.

He has pragmatic, holistic solutions to this country's ills. The environment, our economy, our infrastructure & our national security are all intertwined.

He doesn't shine a light on or hide from his race. He doesn't see things in black & white, literally or figuratively.

He's willing to be honest with people about the sacrifices they may have to make & about the fate of the economy.

He has no major ties to lobbyists or corporations.

He gives intelligent, well thought out answers to hard questions & sees both sides of issues.

He instills hope in people, & doesn't use fear as a campaign tactic.

He believes that everyone who wants it should have health care, & I believe he'll do everything he can to make sure they can get it.

His economic policy favors the middle class rather than large corporations.

He has run an honest & an honorable campaign that isn't based around negative attacks on his opponent.

I'm excited to cast my vote tomorrow.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

The Times They Are a Changin'-Bob Dylan, Avignon 1981

Evil Urges-My Morning Jacket

It Makes No Difference-The Band, the Last Waltz

A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall-Bob Dylan, Brixton 2003

Anthem-Leonard Cohen, The Future

Happy election day, friends...



Dan Van said...

I see where your commin' from but in my eyes the last 2 elections have been the big ones, that is if you spent 18 months fighting this dag gone "war".

Christie said...

I can't wait to go with you to vote and watch how everything unfolds. My favorite of that list is that he doesn't use fear as a tactic, how true, how true.

Joyce said...

I hope and pray he upholds your ideals. I voted for McCain because I remember the Vietnam War and I am sorry that our country treated the vets badly. I felt like I had a chance to tell him thank you, I trusted you then and I trust you now. I said my prayer and stepped into the booth and the first thing that popped into my brain was his answer to Rick Warren's question,"When does life begin?". I hate war, but I hate abortion more. I want a president that has no doubt that life begins at conception. People sneer at one-issue voters, they would most likely sneer at me. I can't get past it. I am also tired of our country making out corporations as the inevitable bad guys. Where do we think our jobs come from? Who donates to the arts? Would we have museums and such without corporations? I don't want to rant and rave. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my views. God Bless America and let her shine tonight and tomorrow. I think Mr.Obama will make a fine president and I will pray for him every day. I told Mark that I won't be disappointed when he wins, I think it will be good for our country in many respects. I think many black males in our country need someone to identify with as a fair, just and decent person. I also voted for McCain because I don't trust Hollywood dictating what's good for the country. When all is said and done (as if that will ever happen), I am so pleased that so many people have showed they cared by voting. I am also pleased that the election is over.

Heidi McClelland said...

I hope whatever happens everyone will move to the middle a little bit, work together, be responsible fiscally and morally... and yes GOD BLESS AMERICA... and the people in it.

Pam said...

Wow, Joyce said it perfectly for me--I voted the same way. But I also want to add that I'm not sure that more government control of things like healthcare is the best answer--that being said, I'm not sure what is. I, too, am praying for our new president-elect - that he would seek God's wisdom in making the huge decisions he will have to face.

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