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Monday, November 10, 2008

Today is my mother's birthday, & since I have only a few pictures of her without me in it on my hard drive, I've posted some pictures I think she'd appreciate.

I now have the dubious distinction of being half as old as my mother. I'm no math genius but I'm pretty sure that can happen only once. That must mean that she was 29 when she had me. I don't know what the significance of all that is, other than the fact that I have no kids. Maybe the fact that I'm half as old as she is explains the uncontrollable urge to play scrabble & to go for a drive for no particular reason.

Happy Birthday, mom. We miss you & we love you.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Ballad of a Thin Man-Bob Dylan, Kalamazoo 11.8.08

Thunder on the Mountain-Bob Dylan, Kalamazoo 11.8.08

People Get Ready-Curtis Mayfield

Freddy's Dead-Curtis Mayfield

See that My Grave is Kept Clean-Blind Willie Johnson

Happy Monday, friends...


Joyce said...

The Easter photo is my favorite with ggma looking on and Quinn's facial expression. You may be a math genius, when I noticed that awhile back with one of my offspring, it didn't occur to me that I was that age when they were born.

Pam said...

I'll get the Scrabble board ready! Your math calculations hadn't occurred to me. I'll have my math student work on that one tomorrow.

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