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Sunday, May 14, 2006

How Many Roads?

Ever think of the streets you've travelled on the most in your life? Maybe I drive too much, or maybe I have to much time on my hands to think up questions like these. I was in the car for six hours today, give me a break.

If I had to guess, the streets I've spent the most time on are as follows:

Lake Michigan Drive-I can drive down Lake Michigan drive & point out at least five places I've lived almost directly off of Lake Michigan drive, & when I didn't live on Lake Michigan drive, it was the main thoroughfare to get to work. Driving back & forth to school, & driving from Grand Rapids to Grand Haven, Grand Rapids to Lansing, Grand Rapids to downtown Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids to Allendale, Allendale to Grand Rapids. I know it like the back of my hand.

I-96-This one may be tied for the most time on one road. West Michigan to East Michigan. 'Nuff said.

Waltz Rd-Holy cow! I just realized that I don't remember the street that goes through Waltz? It's Waltz Road, right? I haven't travelled much time on this road in my own car very much, quite a bit with the parents, but the most time put into this little street was on bike or on foot, back & forth to bud's. I don't care what they call it now, it's always buds to me. They sold me alot of baseball cards, Faygo Cream Soda's & combos.

Some other contendors:

US-31-the lakeshore's only highway



Colony Rd

Yup, too much time in the car, today, & too many miles put on the car over the years. I can't possibly keep it to five songs today, Here's ten:

In My Hour of Darkness-Gram Parsons, Grievous Angel

Daylight-the Drive By Truckers, A Blessing & a Curse

A World of Hurt-the Drive By Truckers, A Blessing & a Curse

The Book of Right On-Joanna Newsom, the Milk Eyed Mendor

Jesus Savior Pilot Me-hymn

For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti-Sufjan Stevens, Michigan, Greetings from the Great Lake State

Details of the War-Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah

Love Me, I'm a Liberal-Phil Ochs, There But for Fortune

On the Corner, New York Girl, Thinkin' of One Thing & Doin' Another, Vote for Miles-Miles Davis, On the Corner

This ain't no Kind of Blue.

I & I-Bob Dylan, Berkeley, CA, 1995

I make shoes for everyone, even YOU, & I still go barefoot!

Have a good week, friends...



Pam said...

I don't think the poem was autobiographical. I don't ever recall being afraid of summer storms--just a respect and awe of them.

I'm glad you followed the road home yesterday! I hope that's one road you keep on traveling. The roads you've most traveled brings to mind Robert Frost's "the road less traveled". What roads haven't you traveled that tempt you?

Pam said...

OOPS! Here it is! I looked in the wrong place!

Anonymous said...

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