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Friday, May 12, 2006

I Don't Believe You

Apparently, I met the keyboard player of Deep Purple today at Damon's in Grand Haven. He had the accent to fit the part, & plenty of stories that seemed to fit the part, so I had no reason not to believe him. He liked Donovan's music, though, fair enough. They call it Mello Yellow. It all started by him overhearing that my ex-girlfriend's father was British. He'd never heard of Nick Drake or Philip Larkin, though, which makes me a bit suspicious.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Supersede-Jackie Greene, American Myth

Hard Life-Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Master & Everyone

Angel to Be-the Subdudes, Anunciation

Five Long Years-Eric Clapton, From the Cradle

La Familia-Kevin Davis & Valerie Marincic, Eulogies for November

Happy Friday, friends!



Joyce said...

ex-girlfriend? Funny what part of your blog perks my interest the most. I have heard of Deep Purple, however.

Pam said...

Joyce, didn't I tell you that Jenni and Andy broke up? Andy, aren't you glad I don't blab about you all over the place?

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