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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Here' to All the Poetry & the Pickin' Down the Line

I just came across this poem today, & as it deals with one of my favorite pasttimes, walking through the city, I love it.

Broadway Stroll
Late October. But the night is fragrant
as in summertime. At each corner
an imperious king stands, pleading
with his harmonica, or shaking his bare hand.
My face must be shuttered tight. No one
asks me for anything. The neighborhoods tonight
are like excited children from the countryside.
Everyone's clumped in twos & threes,
while my feet pound each jittery block
through wind that's sweet from recent rain.
Perhaps I'll never reach the island-tip
of my decisions. Tomorrow should remain
skinny & silent, like the meager trees
in this sidewalk-town. If I stop my search
I'll never start again.

Kirsten Painter

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

To Live is to Fly-Townes Van Zandt, Rear View
No Place to Fall-Townes Van Zandt, Rear View
Colorado Girl-Townes Van Zandt, Rear View
Don't You Take it Too Bad-Townes Van Zandt, Rear View
Two Hands-Kevin Davis (song by Townes Van Zandt)

What a genius songwriter Townes (pictured above) was, he was simple, direct, heartfelt & bittersweet. Oh to be in one of those clubs when he played solo.

Happy Sunday evening, friends...



Joyce said...

Is he still around? Great poem, it reminded me of my walk around Grand Rapids.

andrew said...

No, he died too soon in the mid 90's I believe in his mid '50's. Grand Rapids is a great city to walk through, it's safe (for the most part) & it's quite scenic.

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