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Monday, July 24, 2006

If Your Traveling to the North Country Fair...

I am officially in the planning stages of my first real vacation of my adult life. I think I'll go up north to the only American Wilderness left & ride the rails in Alaska. I'm sure I won't take this vacation this year, maybe not even next year, but it'll happen soon. You heard it hear first. It's like that Los Lobos song, everybody loves a train. I know I do.

In other news, everyone who works at my store seems to be on some sort of diet, including yours truly. It really isn't a conscious decision for all of us to watch what we eat, but it helps that we have three other people to watch our eating habits, at least at lunch time anyway. I've always been a relatively thin (or maybe scrawny more aptly describes it) but over the last couple of years, I seemed to have packed on the pounds in all the wrong places. It's time to rid myself of the "two inch pinch", as Dan calls it. Beer's out (except for JW's night of course). Potato chips out. Pizza for lunch out. Gatorade is out, who knew it had so many calories! Dinner tonight consists of a salad & a bowl of bear naked granola after a bike ride along the beach. 'Twas a gorgeous night for a ride along Lake Michigan. I didn't have the patience to stay for the sunset. I'm sure it'll be there tomorrow.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Four Fingered Fisherman-Sun Kil Moon, Tiny Cities

This would make a great song to listen to on the train overlooking the mountains.

If We Run-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb, Symphony Valley Visitor's Bureau

This made a great song for a ride along the beach. if you find that your closet is a mess, dig through the bins, try to find a nice dress among the skeletons...

From a Buick Six-Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited

Sinners in the Mansion of the Lord-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb, Symphony Valley Visitor's Bureau

Girl in the War-Josh Ritter, Animal Years

Happy Monday, friends, I hope you make it to all of your dream destinations!


Joyce said...

That trip sounds like a winner, go and tell me all about the best way to go and then I'll go. I always knew gatorade had way too many calories, I'm an avid Nutrition Facts reader.

Heidi said...

Scott gave up beer for a few weeks in the hopes of losing some weight. It worked, he lost 20lbs.

Pam said...

That trip does sound terrific! Dad and I have been eating a lot of cereal in order to avoid other, more fattening options - except last night when Opa, Jane, Mary, the McClellands and the Woehlkes were over (we were wishing you were here, too.)-- fresh sweet corn out of the garden, grilled burgers, and the most awesome peach cobbler made by Jane.

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