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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Don't Care How Rough the Road is, Show Me Where it Starts!

For your viewing pleasure this evening, I present for you one of my favorite Bob Dylan performances. I've heard this version of "What Can I Do for You?" a million times, from Toronto 1980, but I've never seen it before, until this evening. Recorded shortly after Bob Dylan's conversion to Christianity, it shows how passionately he performed his Gospel songs. They don't get much better than this, there's none of that rebel stance that most of his songs portray, there's nothing but pure unencumbered joy that can only be found from being saved by the one who gave his life for me, & you.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

What Can I Do For You?-Bob Dylan, Toronto, Massey Hall 1980

Notes on Air-Alejandro Escovedo, the Boxing Mirror

I Need All the Friends I Can Get-Camera Obscura, Let's Get Out of this Country

Use It-the New Pornographers, Twin Cinema

Life Worth Livin'-Uncle Tupelo, No Depression

Happy Tuesday, friends, I hope you realize all He's done for you!



Pam said...

I didn't realize that Bob Dylan is a Christian-- one of the comments about the video said something about "his Christian period". Is he still witnessing through his music or was it just a "phase" he went through?

Joyce said...

Wow! I asked my computer to load up the video and then went to paint a section of Dad's house. I came back five hours later and it was all ready to play that amazing song. The mouth organ at the end gave me chills, or maybe the air conditioning kicked on at the same moment, but it was a moment. Thanks.

andrew said...

He still performs many of his Christian songs, although not exclusively. I got to hear a rare outing of "Saving Grace" when I went to see him in Mt Pleasant last year. Even better, though, are the traditional bluegrass gospel songs & hymns that he's played including "I am the Man, Thomas", "A Voice from on High" (I missed this one when we went to the show in Toronto a few years ago because of bad directions), "Hallelujah, I'm Ready to Go", "This World Can't Stand Long", "Amazing Grace" & one of my all time favorites "Rock of Ages".


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