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Monday, October 16, 2006

This is Not My Tune, But It's Mine to Use

Listening to Katie & Christie share their mutual loathing of one of my favorite female singers yesterday really made me want to listen to Joanna Newsom (pictured above) today. I think the words they used were, squealing, shreiking & trying to sound like a four year old. Oh well, one man's junk is another treasure, I'm sure I have alot more junk stashed away on the shelves. Hear for yourself, here. She's got a new album coming out now, I don't even know what it's about, apparently the shortest song is eight minutes long. I can't wait to hear it.

Here's another Philip Larkin poem, for no particular reason. From now on, when someone asks me why I have so many cds, I'll just give them this poem to read.

Love Songs in Age

She kept her songs, they took so little space,
The covers pleased her:
One bleached from lying in a sunny place,
One marked in circles by a vase of water,
One mended, when a tidy fit had seized her,
And coloured, by her daughter --
So they had waited, till in widowhood
She found them, looking for something else, and stood

Relearning how each frank submissive chord
Had ushered in
Word after sprawling hyphenated word,
And the unfailing sense of being young
Spread out like a spring-woken tree, wherein
That hidden freshness sung,
That certainty of time laid up in store
As when she played them first. But, even more,

The glare of that much-mentioned brilliance, love,
Broke out, to show
Its bright incipience sailing above,
Still promising to solve, and satisfy,
And set unchangeably in order. So
To pile them back, to cry,
Was hard, without lamely admitting how
It had not done so then, and could not now.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

En Gallop-Joanna Newsom, the Milk Eyed Mendor

Clam, Crab, Cockle Cowrie-Joanna Newsom, the Milk Eyed Mendor

Thunder on the Mountain-Bob Dylan, Seattle 2006

I told myself that I wouldn't listen to any of the new songs played for the first time on the current tour until I see Bob in concert in November but I couldn't resist. I had a feeling that this song could be much better live than on the album & I was right.

Love Minus Zero/No Limit-Bob Dylan, Gothenburg, 2001

she doesn't have to say she's faithful, yet she's true like ice, like fire...

Song of Joy-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb, Symphony Valley Visitor's Bureau

Happy Monday, friends!



Anonymous said...

I love how our comments made you want to listen to Ms. Newsom. Probably just to spite us... but thats okay, I will just have to play some Hanson for ya next time ;)

dan van said...

Hanson? Isn’t that the group that Donovan fathered?

andrew said...

I'm not quite sure, it wouldn't suprise me though. He was a Hurdy Gurdy Man.

I apologize for posting the same poem twice in two months. I just realized it.

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