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Monday, March 27, 2006

A Big Boat

I just got back from hanging out in Dan's (my assistant manager) garage where his new boat is being stored for the time being. He just bought it today. It's quite a large fishing boat with room for five. He's quite excited about it, & to be honest, so am I. I've never been interested in fishing, but there's been quite a bit of talk about driving the boat around just for the fun of it. There's even been talk of parking the boat in the Grand River during the Coast Guard Weekend fireworks. Good stuff. He's been thinking of names for the boat, one idea is "Spike", his nickname for his girlfriend, "Bonus Check" (which allowed him to buy the boat) or " 'shmere, which is short for Cashmere, the paint we sell most. Who knows if there will even be a name for it, but it's fun to speculate.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Big Boat-M. Ward, Transistor Radio

One of the best albums of 2005, in my not so humble opinion, & hopefully Dan's boat won't make for a short, short ride...

Like a Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan, Detroit, March 16, 2004

During this concert, the old man didn't much look at the crowd, his piano faces the other side of the stage. However, once Like a Rolling Stone started up, he started squinting up towards the upper level of the State Theater. It wasn't 'til later when we found out why...

Get Out of Denver-Bob Dylan, Detroit, March 16, 2004

Apparently Bob Seeger, who'd recently been inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, was in the upper level of The State, & Bob Dylan sang Seeger's song as an additional encore. It was a great performance, by the way & is still recognized as one of the best performances of 2004.

Radio Campaign-M. Ward, Transistor Radio

"Come back, come back my little piece of mind!"

Pressing On-Chicago Mass Choir, Gotta Serve Somebody "Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan"

Have a good week, friends.



Joyce said...

Your top selling paint is Cashmere? What color is that really?

Pam said...

The boat sounds fun! When is Coast Guard weekend?

Joyce, I believe cashmere is a type of paint, not a color--right Andy?

Pam said...

By the way, Andy--as per your comment to "Rugrat Fix". When and how did the injuries to your chin and your pants take place? For a trip back here, I'd be happy to sew your pants for you while my sewing machine is out. And even happier to kiss the booboo on your chin!

andrew said...

Just the usual playroom stuff :).

Yes, Cashmere is a type of paint, it's excellent, it goes on like a dream. It comes in just about any color.

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