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Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Love Public Radio

Working on Saturday mornings is tolerable, maybe even enjoyable, partly because of the "Jazz Ala Carte" program that is on every Saturday morning at 8:00 on Blue Lake Public Radio hosted by a one Lazaro Vega. He plays all different types of jazz, anything from traditional ragtime to Bebop & even some fusion. The fusion typically draws a sarcastic remark from a customer, but it's all in good fun. I turn up the radio a bit louder on Saturday morning.

The music, of course, is great, but above & beyond that, the tone of voice that just about every public radio personality has is very relaxing (including one of the most famous Lutheran's ever, Garrison Kieller, but we won't talk about him). The voices are usually quite monotone, they're not flashy, & they just seem to say "slow down".

When I first started working at my store in Grand Haven about three years ago, I used to open up the back door & look out at the trees (which have since been replaced by an apartment complex) behind the store with the classical music playing & it would remind me of driving up north with my dad. Only two stations ever got frequency on his radio, WJR & whatever station played classical music. Since WJR didn't come in up there, classical music always provided the soundtrack for our vacations. I don't remember the call letters of the classical music station in Interlochen, but I do remember that it was a service of the Interlochen Music Camp. Not only did that station teach fine music to teenagers, it also broadcast it out to the masses. I wish every town had a place like that.

The call letters to Blue Lake Public Radio, if you're ever on the lower west side of Michigan is 90.3, by the way.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Till I Fell in Love With You-Bob Dylan, Brixton 2005

I always thought this song was a bit of a drag until I heard this new arrangement.
When You Wake Up Feeling Old-Wilco, Summerteeth

sing some strange verse from some strange song of vines, and you'll be where you wanna be"

I'm a Fool to Want You-Billie Holiday, Lady in Satin

I Gave You-Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Superwolf

This House-Kevin Davis

Come to think of it, those last two songs are pretty similar in theme. BPB sings "I gave you a house & you didn't haunt it, now where am I supposed to live?" while Kevin sings "This house, I built it just for you, but still I live here alone". BPB's song is quite bitter, whereas Kevin's is more sad. I just thought of that, so I thought I'd share.

The Pistons are on. What worries me about this year's team is that they are a bit too dependent on the starting five. Once they've secured home court advantage throughout the playoffs, let's hope Flip starts working in the subs more often.

Happy Saturday, friends.



Heidi said...

I want to know, do you have all the albums these songs are on? It's amazing... especially since I own maybe 12 CD's total... and I only know where 4-5 of them are! (Pathetic I know)

andrew said...

Yes, I have most of the albums these songs are off of. I'm kind of a dork about 'em, too, I have them in alphabetical order (pathetic I know :)).


Pam said...

Hi, Andy! All the bloggers who've been nagging me to start one have you to thank-- I couldn't comment on your blogs without becoming a blogger myself. I'm enjoying your blogs. Is there a way to link your favorite songs to a site where we could actually hear the music?

Heidi said...

Scott has his in the same order, probably where the 5-6 I can't find are! Question is... do you have your DVD's in alphabetical order too? Scott does.

Pam said...

Andy, Where did you get that gene? I've always said "I'll be organized in heaven!"

andrew said...

don't worry, that's the only thing I have organized...


Joyce said...

Your description of public radio was prime. It held so much more than one would expect from a description of a radio station. It really is the only station I listen to in the car, unless I can get the Tigers in on that blasted 1270. When I can get 88.7 (don't quote me on that), I know I'm upanorth, and it is a soothing feeling.

Amy said...

There's nothing wrong with keeping your media in alphabetical order. How else do you expect to find what your looking for? For me, though, the hard part is KEEPING them in order, especially when I get a new CD or DVD (which is quite often - I have a weakness for movies and music).

BTW...Welcome, Andy, to the Blog Universe. With so many bloggers now, I don't feel so bad about not posting very often (there's surely not a shortage of reading material out there).

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