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Friday, March 24, 2006

Tennis anyone?

It's spring & still snowing, here in Grand Haven. That's okay, I got a taste of spring today with a game of tennis indoors at Norton Pines athletic club. It was nice to finally get into the place after spending a summer of dealing with the pain in the arse customer that painted it. Another customer of mine has a membership & invited me to play. I'm getting old, & quick, but I did pretty good, I think. I was quite amused by the fact that the ladies that were playing on the court next to us were hitting the ball harder & more accurately than we were. Oh well. It was nice to get a chance to play, finally. We lost, of course, but not by much & we had a pretty good time. I know I'll feel it tomorrow. Oh well, I've got to get in shape for the season, we usually play on Mondays in the summer.

Now, if only they had indoor golf courses.

I'm heading to the Stable Inn for dinner to negate all the excercise I did today.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Desolation Row-East Lansing, MI November 9, 2004

This wasn't the best concert I've seen of Dylan's, but this performance more than makes up for it. The arrangement is second only to the original album version.

Remember the Mountain Bed-Billy Bragg & Wilco, Mermaid Ave Vol. II

Mermaid Ave Vol I & II from Billy Bragg & Wilco are lyrics culled from the archives of Woody Guthrie which were never put to music. These performances are breathtaking, the music they came up with absolutely does the lyrics justice. They have a timeless sound that fits any era, not just the era they were written in. Hearing these, I can't help but think that the lyrics that never got to put to music are just as powerful as the songs that everybody knows from Woody.

Moving, Shaking-Great Lake Swimmers

Three cheers to Herm from Vertigo for suggesting this little gem of an album. This is a simple little song, which on paper looks rather trite & cliche, but the delivery is what makes it. "It's hard to see all the little things, when the big things get in the way."

Love Would Come-Kevin Davis & Valerie Marincic, Eulogies for November

This song is like that little get together that always happens after a funeral.

Act of the Apostle-Belle & Sebastian, the Life Pursuit

I can't get enough of this band, or this album.

Happy friday, friends.



Heidi said...

Cool. Thanks for putting the song on a link! See you this weekend!

Joyce said...

Act of the Apostle, ok, another quest. There must be something to this if you can't get enough of it. I missed that song on a link, thanks for mentioning it Heidi.

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