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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Road Trip!

I'm excited 'cause tomorrow I get to see the family, especially the kids (no offence to anyone else, I want to see you, too) & Jenni. I haven't seen any of the nieces & nephew since New Year's Day. I hope they haven't grown too much. I heard a rumor that Quinn had his first shave & that some fella came by to take Ella to the movies, but I don't believe 'em.

On an unrelated note, I saw a flyer for Circuit City that advertised that Northern Exposure (the greatest television show in the history of the world) season four is being released on DVD. I decided to make a night of it & drive up after work to pick it up so I could watch a few episodes tonight. To my disappointment, it's not being released until next week. Oh well. Mike's coming over to play video games, wild & crazy guys that we are.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)-The Grateful Dead, Garcia Plays Dylan

My favorite song about my nephew, well, not really, but I always think of him when I hear it. Dylan's version is better, of course, but this one's pretty good, too.

It Makes No Difference-the Band, the Last Waltz

Danko's voice was incredible, the highlight of an incredible last concert. Rarely does video footage of music do it justice, but watching the video of this concert shows the incredible musicianship of the band & the respect the other artists had for them.

Let it Blow-Richard Thompson, Front Parlour Ballads

I put this on at work today, & happened to find out that a regular customer is a fan of Thompson. A rare find around a paint store, methinks.

People Love to Watch You Die-John Wesley Harding, The Confessions of St Ace

"they call it grief, but it's just a relief"

Tough Mama-the Jerry Garcia Band, Garcia Plays Dylan

"Now, don't be modest, you know who you are & where you've been!"

Happy Saturday, friends...



Joyce said...

Did you play NPR in the store today? Are the favorite five songs you list always played in the store? I got my Dave Van Ronk CD, and I've listened to number fourteen about fourteen times, and was very interested in the insert. Especially a comment about why he let up on doing religious songs.

andrew said...

I stuck to the usual public radio jazz last Saturday morning. The five songs I list are usually the ones that stand out from a regular day, rarely are they ones that I play in the store, as I don't have much time to pay attention to what's played.

A Closer Walk With Thee's great, eh? I read the liner notes & remember reading about how he quit playing Christian songs, but I can't remember the reason. I'll do some diggin', though.

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