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Monday, March 19, 2007

Dreamer in my Dreams

One of my dreams came true the other morning. It was about 5:59 am, & I was dreaming that my alarm clock was going off, then when the clock turned 6:00 am the real alarm clock went off & I had to get up to go to work. Isn't that the most depressing thing you've ever heard? I think I need one of them vacation things that I hear people talking about. I logged in 61 hours last week, uncle sherwin sure is saving money on me. When I divide my weekly salary by the hours I actually work, I think I'm probably making about 6 cents an hour. I almost felt guilty for leaving work an hour early today, almost.

On a brighter note, it was a good Saturday night & Sunday. We had a bonfire at Mike's place where my Christmas tree made for spectacular pyrotechnics (it was Mike's vision to save my Christmas tree from the mulch pile, let it dry out for three months in his backyard & throw it on a fire), church & breakfast on Sunday, watching the Rock & Roll hall of fame induction ceremony Sunday afternoon, dinner at the Kirby Sunday night followed by almost watching the sunset & then calling it a day.

Lest you think you'll get through this post without some Bob Dylan trivia, think again. On this day, March 19, in 1962 the very first Bob Dylan album (self titled) was released by Columbia Records. He was signed by the legendary producer, John Hammond (whose son went on to have an excellent career as a blues musician), although he was called "Hammond's Folly" because the record sold so few copies. Hammond was famous for signing top name artists against conventional wisdom, including Billie Holiday, Bruce Springsteen & of course, Bob Dylan.

The album is a charming little debut, with only two original Bob Dylan compositions, the others are mostly traditional material. The album does feature, however, Bob Dylan's tribute in song to his hero Woody Guthrie, which is simple & brilliant at the same time. The real genius started with the next album, the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.


Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Land-Patti Smith, Horses

Patti Smith made an incredibly gracious, unexpectedly classy acceptance speech at the rock & roll hall of fame that made me excited to pull out her best album again. Then she spit on it when she & her band played Rock & Roll N%###$, it was an incredible performance. It amazes me that this lady is four years older than my mother (not that your old, mom, it's just that she acts so much different than you, which is a good thing).

White Light/White Heat-the Velvet Underground

E-Bow the Letter-REM & Patti Smith, New Adventures in Hi-Fi

Onion Soup-Vic Chesnutt, Is the Actor Happy?

Man of Constant Sorrow-Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan

Happy Monday, friends!



Pam said...

Could she use a back up singer that loves harmony?

Heidi said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. It is a good thing that Patti is a great musician, she isn't much to look at in that picture...I thought it was the Aerosmith guy at first :)

Joyce said...

I remember Patti Smith. She could use more than a back up singer.

My favorite of your favorites is Man of Constant Sorrow.

andrew! said...

There's not much harmony in Patti's music.

Christie said...

He finally admitts that he deserves a vacation!!!! This is a big step. If you need any help planning you know who to call :)

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