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Monday, March 12, 2007

That Year

O for mortals, what
Power there is in songs,
What great happiness
That can make bearable this
Short narrow channel of life!


I realized the other night that I've been doing this silly blog thing for over a year now. My how time flies. In that time, I've probably listed 4 million songs, posted 400 poems, broken 58 different copyright rules for titles & received about 94 sarcastic remarks from Bob about it. Ah, memories. I'd do a one year anniversary "Talkin' Gibberish Blues Highlight Special" but that would be just as boring & lame as the blog itself.

Side topic: Has anybody seen that movie "Little Miss Sunshine"? I thought it was the cat's teeth. Christie hated it. It comes strongly recommended from me, for whatever that's worth.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Spring Is Here-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb, Jazz Box, Volume 1
A Decade of Champions-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb, Jazz Box, Volume 1
Underground Dream-Son Volt, The Search
Folded Hands-Kevin Davis & Jason Lamb, Jazz Box, Volume 1
When I Get to the Border-Richard & Linda Thompson, I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight

Thanks for reading, friends...



Pam said...

Thanks for bloggin', friend!

Christie said...

I didnt "hate" it... it just wasnt one that I would recommend. :) Hope you sleep good tonight!

Heidi said...

We saw it the other day and thought it was hilarious! Definitely a good show.

Joyce said...

Mark and I thought it was worth watching. We laughed and grinned. I was thinking about you tonight as I was importing Mark's CDs to his new ipod. No one would like an ipod more than you. Do you have one yet? When "Brother Where Art Thou" was playing and loading, I was thinking of you.

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