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Monday, March 26, 2007

Talkin' Front Porch Gibberish Blues

The recent warm weather reminds me of how much I love sitting out in front of the house. Granted, the front of my house only has honorary front porch status, but it has a couple of seats & a place to put your drink, so it's a front porch to me. One of my goals in life is to have one of those traditional concrete (or wood, depending on the style of the house) porches in a city neighborhood with a brick ledge, & a porch swing hanging from the ceiling. Either that or one of those wrap-around front porches in the country looking out over a corn field, also with a porch swing. But for now, I'll have to settle for my non-elevated concrete slab overlooking the various neighbors on the other side of the street with there various & assorted monstrous trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers & boats in states of disrepair. I'm not complaining, though.

Some great front porch activities include waving at walkers passing by, reading, listening to tunes, having a chat with friends, drinking a cold beer, smoking a cigar, strumming on a guitar or gently blowing on a harmonica or any combinations of these.

Are you a front porch person or a back porch (or deck) person? Granted, there's probably no psychological basis of what types of people belong in which category, & I won't judge you for your decision, but which are you? I'm sure it depends more on your environs, & which has a better view, more space, etc., but I'm sure you can be objective. Me, I'm a front porch person. Guess where I'm heading?

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

I'm the Man Who Loves You-Wilco, Kicking Television

Is Wilco not the greatest rock & roll band playing today? The other day, I would've said The White Stripes, but they're on hiatus. Who knows who it'll be tomorrow?

Handshake Drugs-Wilco, Kicking Television

The Flower Lady-Phil Ochs, The Stable, East Lansing 1973

Sugar Magnolia-The Grateful Dead, American Beauty

Passenger Side-Wilco, AM

Happy Monday, friends...



Heidi said...

Definitely a front porch person! That is why we love living right in town. We too don't have the best view from the front porch (maybe someday we will if the across the street neighbors decide to move or renovate... oh well...) anyway I just love to sit out on the front steps and watch the people walk by. I like to imagine what it was like before the cars etc. must have been neat.

Pam said...

Your front porch scenario sounds wonderful (except the cigar--that's the Mom in me talking). As for me--I sort of have the best of both worlds. Since not much activity passes by my front porch, I mostly sit on my back deck which has views of nature, and the passers by on Mooreville Rd. But I like my front porch view also. If I lived in the city, I'd definitely be a front porch person. By the way, Christie is rubbing off on you (the hypothetical question). That's a good thing!

Joyce said...

Love to sit on my dad's front porch, lots of good memories there and now that it's new and Duration paint has been added, it's all that. However I think it will make my dad sad this summer because last fall his neighbor Dave was killed when crossing the road.

At my house I like the back porch because of the field views and the rocking chairs and the grill.

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