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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's a cold night, but we'll keep the music going...

Well, friends, the days are getting shorter, darkness is coming on. The days are unseasonably warm, but the nights are still chilly. I like to keep the windows open to remind myself that it's cold outside. Call me crazy. Nights like this remind me of my old man in his garage, working on whatever. Sometimes I wonder if he wasn't doing anything at all, & that makes it all the better. I liked to think he just goes out there to enjoy the silence save for the sound of the occasional saw & the sound of the a.m. radio in the background. I think I got my love of the radio from my old man, among many other things.

Happy Birthday, Grams, I hope your day was a special one. I love you & miss you. Talk to you soon.


Already one day has detached itself from all the rest up ahead.
It has my photograph in its soft pocket.
It wants to carry my breath into the past in its bag of wind.

I write poems to untie myself, to do penance & disappear
Through the upper right-hand corner of things, to say grace.

Charles Wright, 1977

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

There She Goes My Beautiful World-Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Lyre of Orpheus

Sentimental Reasons-Nat King Cole

Hey Joe-Jimi Hendrix

So Long, It's Been Good to Know You-Woody Guthrie

I'll Be Your Mirror-The Velvet Underground

Happy Wednesday, friends...



Heidi said...

Great Blog! Quinn is missing Tree... he said, "I hope it isn't at someone elses house" so hopefully he won't see that picture. :)

Dan said...

I don’t mean to poop poo things but I think the concrete stain idea might through off the whole vibe of the place. It might make it an industrial loft motif instead of a relaxed contemporary look. Just keepin' it real man.

Joyce said...

I'm moving up the chart. Today I recognize three of the five songs!

I didn't realize Tree was missing, seperation anxiety is tough stuff.

Mike said...

That is a great version of Hey Joe. I've spent many a night in a tavern with that song. Sometimes I recall hearing it, sometimes not.

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