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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Daddy Sang Bass

Tomorrow's father's day, so here's my favorite songs about fathers.

Old Man-Neil Young

Papa Was a Rollin' Stone-the Temptations

Birdland-Patti Smith (complete with red tractors!)

the Jackson Song-Patti Smith (this song is absolutely breathtaking)

By the Hand of the Father-Alejandro Escovedo

Seven Curses-Bob Dylan

Lord, Protect My Child-Bob Dylan

If You Never Got Sick-the Wallflowers

Hand Me Down-the Wallflowers

Honey Babe Your Papa Cares for You-Elizabeth Cotten

Father-the Why Store

You are a Runner & I Am My Father's Son-Wolf Parade

Lawyers Guns & Money-Warren Zevon

Sodom South Georgia-Iron & Wine

Car Wheels on a Gravel Road-Lucinda Williams

& last but not least, the one that hits closest to home...

Daddy Sang Bass-Johnny Cash

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Don't You Take it Too Bad-Townes Van Zandt, Rear View

Windfall-Son Volt, Trace

Birdland-Patti Smith, Horses

the Jackson Song-Patti Smith, Dream of Life

Tangled Up in Blue-Bob Dylan, Cardiff 2000

Happy father's day, friends, I hope you have a great one like I do...


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