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Saturday, June 10, 2006

I Followed the River & I Got to the Sea...

The great thing about living in Grand Haven is that wherever you ride (bike, that is), you are bound to see water. Watching the sun fall gently over the river at dusk is truly a beautiful site.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

James Alley Blues-Richard "Rabbit" Brown, Anthology of American Folk Music

I've always thought of the Anthology as the Canterbury Tales of early 20th century folk music. If you can make it through the scratchy recordings, the unconventional singing voices, & the sheer grit of these forgotten musicians, you'll find just about every emotion & condition known to man. If you can't relate to at least a couple songs in this collection, you haven't lived very long. Every commandment is broken & every step towards salvation is taken & everything in between. There are songs of faith, unfaithfulness, hope, heaven, murder, drunkenness, bribery hard work, hard times, hard living, hard travelling, fantasy, reality, truth, mistaken identity, adultery, jubilation...it's all there. This song is the essence of the blues...sometimes I think that you're too sweet to die, other times I think you oughta be buried alive...

These Days-Nico, Chelsea Girl

Absolutely the strangest, most bittersweet beautiful voice you'll ever hear. You can't help but feel melancholy listening to these songs, these days.

Five Hearts Breaking-Alejandro Escovedo, Gravity

Playing this at work today made me really excited to see the man live.

In My Hour of Darkness-Gram Parsons, Grievous Angel

Not Dark Yet-Bob Dylan, Time Out of Mind

The perfect album for an evening bike ride...

Today's blog is brought to you by Flat River Painting, will trade paint jobs for Harleys!

Happy Saturday, friends, I hope the sun is shining & the wind is at your back!



Joyce said...

The sun is sort of shining and the branches are barely moving. Grand Haven sounds like a grand place to live or for a new grandmother to visit. At first I thought that was a picture of your condo. I've got to get there to have some substantial images to rely on as I read your day to day.

Pam said...

Yes, Joyce--let's make plans! Andy, I love your word pictures and the descriptions of your favorites. How long of a weekend would it take me to listen to all these favorites? The bike riding sounds awesome!

andrew said...

I'm sure you could get 'em all in in a day if you really put your ears to the grindstone, that is if you could maintain your sanity.


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