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Friday, June 09, 2006

I Was So Much Older Then, I'm Younger than that Now

There's just no way around it. I'm getting old. I took a bike ride today down to the beach & as I made my way past I noticed alot of cars that said Seniors '06 & stuff like that. I couldn't help but think that the people on the beach looked ages younger than I am, many of 'em looked to be about Quinn's age, driving around in SUV's that I'd never be able to afford if I saved up for the next twenty years. At my current age, I'm eight years older than most high school graduates, & four years older than many college graduates.

Now, I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining, I've always felt older than most people. I like older music, older movies, & most importantly, I've never much cared for staying up past twelve. Maybe my age suits me now better than it ever has. I hope so, anyway. Oddly enough, I've got more excercise this week than I have in ages, I went running once, took two long bike rides & played my best game of golf in ages (44!, okay it's good for me).

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Ring Them Bells-Bob Dylan, November 6, 2005

for the fighting is strong, & the lines are long, & they're breaking down the distance between right & wrong...

London Calling/Like a Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan, Brixton November 24, 2005

Bob Dylan's choices of covers have always fascinated me, his choice of the Clash's London Calling has to be one of the oddest he's ever done. It shows that the old man is not afraid to recognize punk music that came around long after he had already made his mark, music from a band that broke ground that Dylan never came close to, in the city where it was born. He follows it up with the best rock & roll song ever written, showing that both songs were born out of the same spirit, the same rebellion. How does it feel?

Guns Are Drawn-the Roots, the Tipping Point

Mothers cryin' too often from their lost child leavin', from tryin' to get over, get under, get even, get inside getting, getting dumped, getting greedy, we got to get it right, it ain't about to get easy...

Stop Breaking Down-the White Stripes

Mood Indigo-Frank Sinatra, In the Wee Small Hours

Today's blog is brought to you by Theme Time Radio Hour, featuring your host Bob Dylan, an hour of dreams, schemes & themes!

Happy weekend, friends, I hope your feeling forever young!



Joyce said...

Thanks for the smoothest blog around. That aging thing is really a trip worth taking, but I just read something about time being a great healer, but a lousy beautician. "In the Wee Small Hours" from Sleepless in Seattle in soundtrack, who sings it there?

andrew said...

I want to say it's Carly Simon, but I'm not sure.

Pam said...

You're as young as you feel! You must be young to feel good enough to do all that exercising this week! Besides, the older you get, the older I must get, so stay young!

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