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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Great Things Happen when Mom & Joyce Come to Town

I got a visit from the Thelma & Louise of grandmotherhood today, well maybe not Thelma & Louise, maybe Lucy & Ethel. I showed them some of the finer sites of Grand Haven. Sometimes you don't realize how good your surroundings are until you get to show them off to other people. Rarely will I take a walk down the channel unless visitors are over. I know I never would've gone to the art fair downtown. It was a pretty good day, we even got to go up in uncle Mark's secret hideout overlooking Lake Michigan. That must be the coolest place on earth.

I'm sure by now your wondering what all this has to do with the pictures of the strange looking gentlemen that are shown here. I'd like to think that this blog is the only place that will bring you such diverse characters as Will Oldham, Leonard Cohen, John Updike, Joyce Patterson & Pam Schroeder. Maybe after it publishes I'll google all those names & see what I come up with.

While waiting for the travelling show to arrive, I stumbled upon the documentary about Leonard Cohen called "I'm Your Man", being released this month. Despite the fact that it features Bono of U2, it looks to be very promising, with performances by Nick Cave, Rufus Wainright & Antony & the Johnsons.

While at "the Bookman", I discovered that John Updike's latest novel, "Terrorist" was in, I'll be starting that tomorrow.

After they left, I hopped on the internet & found out that Will Oldham would be doing a summer tour of record stores, of all places, & that he would be playing at the best record store in the universe, Vertigo. You couldn't ask for a better artist playing at such a venue. The only thing better would be Bob Dylan playing in my living room.

So all in all, a great day, brightened as always by the adventurous spirits of "The Grandmas Two". Off to have dinner with Mike & Dan, I'm not sure what I'll call them.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Freddie Freeloader-Miles Davis, Kind of Blue

I heard this song coming from the speakers outside of the DeeLite restaurant while walking around downtown Grand Haven's art fair today. It's always good to hear good music in public places. This is, without a doubt, the greatest jazz album of all time. I will accept no arguments.

In the Summertime-Bob Dylan

XM radio's deep tracks is the only radio station where you'll ever hear an obscure song like this on the radio.

Alexandra Leaving-Leonard Cohen, In My Secret Life

A great song about a husband missing his deceased wife. Everytime I hear that deep voice singing "As someone long prepared for this to happen..." I get the chills. What a great song. I hope they talk about this in the documentary.

Dr King-Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Exploration

Hokey folk music at it's finest.

Here Am I, Oh Lord, Send Me-Mississippi John Hurt, Revisited

"Well, sir, I just make it sound like I think it ought to." Mississippi John Hurt

That low thumping note of Hurt's guitar sounds like a battle drum, who will go & work today? you can say he died fo' usaa-ll...

Happy Saturday, friends, I hope it's filled with friendly visitors!



Joyce said...

As one of the "Grandmother Two", I must say it was a spectacular day. Your account of our visit suffices. Thank you for your generosity. I only wish you would have pointed out that song as we were walking, I feel like my ears missed part of the experience.

Pam said...

It was a wonderful day! Thanks, Andy and Jeanne--it was fun having you share our day, too!

Pam said...

I should have called Jeanne "Grandmother Three to be"!

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