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Monday, January 22, 2007

The Ballad of the Sun & Moon

For those who don't believe in the healing powers of music, imagine driving an hour & 15 minutes to work everday for a boss who made you work 16 or so days in a row without a single day off (no Saturdays, no Sundays, nothing). It's a summer Saturday morning, & it's going to be hot. You are working in a tiny store all by yourself all day long & soon you'll have a line of three to four customers deep & your running around trying to keep all of them happy. But for now, you put the coffee on & open the back garage door, if nothing else to see the world outside, even if there's only a rundown apartment complex behind you & a bingo hall next door with a stinky grease vat. Somehow things are okay as soon as a song comes on that goes like this:

The Ballad of the Sun and Moon

Today started out like any other day
The sun rising, there was always the sun
The mountains & the echoes of the voices
Where'd they go? They fall!

Sons of the sun
That's the ballad
of the sun & moon.

Can you hear the canon & the fighting?
Can you feel the soldiers when they're marching?
They came, they took my sister away.
They came & they took her way.

Sons of the sun.
That's the ballad
of the sun & moon.

Tonight started out like any other night.
The Moon risin', there was always the moon
The mountains & the echo of the voices
where'd they go? They fall!

Sons of the sun
That's the ballad
of the sun & moon.
That's the ballad
of the sun & moon.

Alejandro Escovedo, Thirteen Years

The first concert I have planned for '07 is Alejandro Escovedo at the Ark in Ann Arbor. I can't wait.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Five Hearts Breaking-Alejandro Escovedo, October 1, 2004
Ballad of the Sun & Moon-Alejandro Escovedo, October 1, 2004
Shooting Star-Bob Dylan, Zurich, Switzerland 2003
Most Likely You'll Go Your Way (& I'll Go Mine)-Bob Dylan, Zurich 2003
Every Ghost Town Needs a Commission-Kevin Davis

Happy Tuesday, friends!



Joyce said...

Did you have music for the ride as well?

andrew! said...

Which ride do you speak of? I usually have music to go along with every ride, even just down the street. Just ask Christie.

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