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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You can trade your rights for several wrongs & your songs of love for a love of songs...

That title comes from a Kevin Davis lyric, one of my favorites at that. If Kevin Davis were signed to a record label, I'd put his name into my pandora's jukebox. A customer told me about this today, & ever since I got home from work I've been sitting in front of my computer giddy like a schoolgirl as I await the next song. How it works is you plug in a name of an artist or a song, it plays a song by the artist & then creates a station with similar songs. It's really quite incredible what that www will do.

Just so your visit to this blog wasn't merely another fall into the abyss of my musical dorkitude, here's a poem that I hope you'll like as much as I do.

We Who Prayed & Wept

We who prayed & wept
for liberty from kings
and the yoke of liberty
accept the tyranny of things
we do not need.
In plentitude too free,
we have become adept
beneath the yoke of greed.

Those who will not learn
in plenty to keep their place
must learn it by their need
when they have had their way
and the fields spurn their seed.
We have failed Thy grace.
Lord, I flinch & pray,
send Thy necessity.

Wendell Berry

Let's hope the president keeps this in mind when he gives his speech tonight. We could all use a bit more necessity.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Something Brave-Bright Eyes
Free a Little Bird-Bascam Lunsford
Supercede-Jackie Green, American Myth
Warm Wind-Mia & Jonah, Shine I
Blue Train-John Coltrane

Happy Wednesday, friends, I hope your jukebox plays your favorite songs.



Christie said...

I just added that to my favorites...good website!

Mike said...

Agreed, Pandora is great! And easy to use. So easy, our tech-impared parents could use them.

Dan Van said...

I just love the Blue Train Album. Here in Texas I live in a 100 man bay but I brought my ipod and my speakers that I have and I play the heck out of all my jazz. I even have brought some folks over. Hope all is well.

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