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Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's Nighttime in the Big City

(I had to stare at that label all day, so I figured you should too, if only for a minute)

After a 12 & 1/2 hour today, it's nice to sit at home with my favorite sweatshirt & a Captain & Caffeine Free Diet Coke & listen to the latest installment of Theme Time Radio Hour with your host Bob Dylan. This week's theme is hair. So far the oddest thing he's played is "Bangs" by They Might Be Giants. The musical selections are always quite stunning, jumping from the 40's to the 00's. The stories, anectdotes, & jokes he tells in between are the best, however. I'd tell you some, but they just aren't the same reading them on the page. Bob reveals, however that although Moe was the smartest of the Three Stooges, he's a Shemp man. Absurd.

Here's a poem for my old man (he's a sheep man), if he's reading.

The Shepherd

How sweet is the Shepherd's sweet lot!
From the morn to the evening he strays;
He shall follow his sheep all the day,
And his tongue shall be filled with praise.

For he hears the lamb's innocent call,
And he hears the ewe's tender reply;
He is watchful while they are in peace,
For they know when their Shepherd is nigh.

William Blake

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

She's a Jar-Wilco, Summerteeth

Big Rock Candy Mountain-Harry McClintock

Take, Take, Take-the White Stripes, Get Behind Me Satan

Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)-The Drive By Truckers, Pizza Deliverence

Don't Look Back in Anger-Oasis

Happy Thursday, friends, I hope the boss let's you off early...



Joyce said...

Cashmere . . . . Does it intrigue you to find out who names the paints and the colors? Thanks for sharing Mr. Blake today.

Anonymous said...

I liked the poem, too--as will Dad. I'm going to try to convince him to take a bold step and comment on your blog. Mom

Dan Van said...

was that a D16, D17, or D18 can

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