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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Carving up the Calendar

It always seems to happen this time of year, that I start to look at how much vacation time I've got left to use up before the end of the year, & it seems like a chore to figure out how & when I'm going to use it. At the beginning of the year, everything seems to be so filled with promise, & I think that towards the end of the year there's going to be some fantastic time that I'll have to save my vacation for, but alas, it never comes. What's worse, is Dan, the assistant, has made the same mistake, with almost as much vacation time left as me to use up before the end of the year. We lose it if we don't use it. With such a small staff, for any one person to take a day off takes a good deal of planning, & sometimes I end up working just as much if not more when I take vacation as when I don't. We've got our times planned, who knows what I'll use it for. Anybody need any painting done?

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Tuesday Morning-the Pogues

A Night In Tunisia-Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers

Boots of Spanish Leather-Bob Dylan, Hamburg 2003

so take heed, take heed, of the western wind, take heed of the stormy weather...

Okay, that settles it. I've decided that Boots of Spanish Leather is Bob Dylan's best unrequited love song. Any one care to argue?

Quinn the Eskimo (the Mighty Quinn)-Bob Dylan, Southampton 2002

Let it be known that this song was played live for the first time in thirty five years the summer Quinn was born. Coincidence? Probably.

Tell Ol' Bill-Bob Dylan, Tell Ol' Bill Outtakes

you trample on me as you pass...

Happy Wednesday, friends, I hope you've used your free time wisely.



Heidi said...

I've got a front porch! Just kidding, we are having someone come to do it the first nice weekend we have... if that happens before it snows! Good luck with trying to use them up, try and do something fun!

Pam said...

How about an extended visit? I have two days off - the 19th and 20th - we could find some fun or some work to do?

Joyce said...

I don't believe in coincidences. Coincidentally, I still have half of my dad's house to paint. I'm just kidding as well, but I gotta tell ya, that paint is awesome. Did your mom tell you I used it to paint Hannah's car? Andrew, take a vacation for goodness sake. Stay in your beautiful condo and bike around town for seven straight days.

Anonymous said...

You know your not supposed to go into work if you have a vacation day... its a rule. :)

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