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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

(one of these days I'll get me one of those digital camera things so I don't have to keep bogarting everybody else's pictures)

Today's the day I'm gonna grab my trombone & blow!

What a perfect weekend it was! Lucy Ann Woehlke was born during halftime of the Michigan vs. Vanderbilt game on Saturday. I was sitting on the 43 yard line, 2nd row! I've never had better seats to any sporting event in my life, let alone the opener of the Michigan season. This was all thanks to Christy & her brother Dan. I'll never forget that game as long as I live.

The game itself was good, Michigan's offense could've been better-too many turnovers-but the defense was solid, only giving up one touchdown on a trick play.

Enough of this nonsense about a football game, though. Our parking spot put me in prime position to walk to Uof M hospital to meet my newborn niece. I regret never having been in town when any of my other nieces or nephew have been born, so having been able to make it to the hospital to see Lucy was very special. Emily was as graceful as she's ever been after having been in labor for twelve hours, & I've never been happier to see her.

Things only got better when my old man showed up (watching him nervously holding his granddaughter for the first time is a site to behold), followed closely by Heidi & Scott with all the kids & watching Ella & Soph meeting their sister for the first time. Christy & I hitched a ride in the Schroeder's fourth Astrovan with Heidi, Scott & the kids to avoid a walk to our parking garage. Then we were back on the road back home again to go to Mike's birthday party in Grand Haven.

The bonfire was great, I got to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in a long time. What a fantastic & long day. Up at four, to bed at one thirty. Every minute was worth it.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Try to Remember (the kind of September when grass was green & grain so yellow)-the Fantasticks

I must be in some sort of wierd kind of good mood if showtunes make it on to the list.

Shelter from the Storm-Bob Dylan, Comstock Park, MI 8.12.2006

This is as good as I remember it, if not better.

Ain't Talkin'-Bob Dylan, Modern Times

This is an absolute masterpiece, his best lyrics since Blind Willie McTell from 1983, in my opinion. Unlike most of Dylan's songs of the past ten years, this song has a unique sense of purpose (which I haven't quite figured out yet), rather than being a clever collection of clever phrases.

Harsher Winters-Kevin Davis & Valerie Marincic

Another Man Done Gone-Irma Thomas

Happy Tuesday, friends!



Joyce said...

Your blog enhanced my Tuesday, first day of school with students. Last Saturday evolved into a spectacular day. I'm printing out your recap. Finally a song I know . . . by the Fantastiks. Do you know which show it's from? I'm still intrigued by "Ain't Talkin", but haven't heard it yet.

Pam said...

It was one of the top ten days of my life! It was especially special because I had all of my offspring there at one time and got to meet Christy, too! "Try to Remember" is a good one. I won't have to try too hard to remember Sept. 2, 2006.

Pam said...

PS. The musical is "The Fantasticks" written by somebody (I just read it on ask.com and I'll "try to remember" the composers). Nope, I can't remember!

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