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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Don't Waste Your Words, They're Just Lies

I had an entire blog typed out about the president's September 11 speech, but what's the point? Everyone's got their own opinion, & no one's opinion is going to be swayed by anyone's blog. So I'll drop it.

It was a great weekend. The golf league season is over, the black magic hickory sticks came through in fine fashion, I've never drove the ball better off the tee than I did on Saturday. I ate at a fancy restaurant on Lake Michigan on Saturday evening with some of my favorite people, watched a great fall movie "State & Main", drove deep into the heart of dutch country, visited the mecca of great music in Grand Rapids & genuinely had a great time the whole weekend.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

False Media-the Roots, Game Theory

After the Parade-Dan Bern, My Country Too

Thanksgiving Day Parade-Dan Bern, New American Language

Mississippi-Bob Dylan, Love & Theft

Battle of Who Could Care Less-Ben Folds Five, Whatever & Ever Amen

Happy Tuesday, friends!



Anonymous said...

Deep into the heart of Dutch country huh? Just wait till you eat at the ole' Russ'. We may have to get you some wooden shoes ;)

andrew said...

If you ain't dutch, you ain't much...


Pam said...

Is part Danish close enough? You are about 1/8th or 1/16th Danish.

Joyce said...

The point of the blog is sharing your opinions. Yours are as worthy as anyone elses', and frankly, I'm more interested in your opinions than George W.'s.
I purchased Modern Times yesterday and I got a bonus CD. Something about old time radio and baseball.

andrew said...

Something tells me you'll like the baseball cd better than the cd itself. It's great. Let me know what you think of both.

Joyce said...

So far I've listened to "Ain't Talkin" four times more than any of the other songs. That song is my favorite on the CD. I haven't listened to all of the baseball one of yet, but so far so excellent.

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