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Friday, September 08, 2006

One Coat or Two?

I'm sitting here at the Schroeder bar after painting one coat on the kitchen. It's looking pretty good, & I'm half tempted to call it good. The wall where I painted two coats of the same color doesn't look much different then the walls where I only painted one coat. The kitchen has had color samples painted on it since the day I bought the place. It went from it's original gray color that the whole place was painted with to a darker gray, to green, to gold. I finally settled on khaki. It looks good, it's brightened up the place. Now there's only the stairway & the upstairs hallway to paint & I will have covered up what should officially be the worst paint job anyone's ever been paid for. Not that mine is much better, but I didn't get paid for it.

A vodka tonic & a boca burger sounds really good, but as soon as I get everything cleaned up I'm bound to find a spot or two that look a little thin. So, I'm soldiering on. I'm gonna have to find a good cd to listen to. Maybe a little more Nick Cave, he's been sounding good today.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

As I Sat Sadly By Her Side-Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, No More Shall We Part

Hallelujah!-Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, No More Shall We Part

Workingman's Blues #2-Bob Dylan, Modern Times

O Sailor-Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine

Shake Sugaree-Elizabeth Cotten

everything I got is down in pawn...

Happy Friday, friends!



Pam said...

A Friday night painting. I hope you're not feeling as somber as the guy in your posted picture. Have a good evening after you paint! and while!

Joyce said...

I'm a dragon. Here it is Tuesday and I'm just reading Friday's blog. You were the toast of our lunch in Logan Square. It must be tough lookin' at a lame paint job, yours sounds prime.

andrew said...

How was the boca burger?


Joyce said...

Oddly, I was expecting a boca burger but it was a veggie burger made of sweet potatoes, brown rice, soy, onion. It was delicious.

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